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Making conversation - Dedicated threads for specific F1 topics

Published by Mr. C

We've had a complaint about the noise. Not the volume you understand, just the occasional noise in the daily threads.

Essentially a couple of people have mentioned that F1 discussion is in danger of being railroaded by chat about pandas, gadgets and food. Now we love conversation on all of those topics and more, so we wouldn't want to do anything to discourage such talk. However, we ought to enable those who come to Sidepodcast for the Formula One discussion to be able to do so too.

Something planned for the mythical SPC 3.0 redesign, which right now is rivaling Brigadoon and the unicorn in terms of visibility, was the idea of providing "breakout" threads of discussion when important news occurs. Essentially these threads will be a way of categorising conversation so that talk of Fisichella heading to Ferrari goes in one place, while chat about Piquet spinning in Singapore goes in another.

Conceptually speaking, breakout threads are extensions of the daily conversation, and not posts in their own right. You won't gain much insight from the post content beyond whatever facts are available, and that may simply be a tweet from a driver. The discussion will be where it's at.

Due to feedback received, we'd like to roll this out as soon as possible. Which means things might look a little odd in the existing design. You may just have to trust us that it'll all be okay in the end. Sidepodcast daily threads introduced back in November, offered a brilliant way to enable general F1 discussion as well as plenty of off-topic fun. Hopefully this new idea will take it to the next level.

Behind the scenes, we're also working on a new authentication system that will allow those who sign up to moderate and move comments as required. In theory we can also allow those same people to create new conversation categories as and when required.

That's for the future though and this is now. Christine has started us off with a thread for Force India discussion and we'll move existing comments over there now. Please let us know what you think of the plan and also yell in the daily thread if breaking news should be spun off into it's own category. As ever we'll learn and tweek on the run.