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Make your race thoughts heard - Get your audio reviews in for the rather good Chinese Grand Prix

Published by Christine

The first race following our decision to downshift had to go and be a good one, didn't it? I missed the race but I did glance at the highlights and I know for a fact that Mr C consumed the entire thing. This cutting back business is going well!

Although we won't be recording an F1 Debrief following the GP, we'd still love to hear from you. One of the best bits of the show so far this season has been the post-race montage of voicemails from you guys. Sharing our thoughts, hopes, joys, disappointments and predictions has always been an important part of Sidepodcast, and just because we're not paying as much attention, it doesn't mean that should end.

So, we want to hear from you. If you have thoughts about what you watched over the weekend - and how could you not? - then please call and leave a voicemail. Our username is sidepodcast on Skype, or the number to dial is +44 121 28 87225. You can even email me an mp3 to Don't by shy about it, there's bound to be something on your mind. Here are a couple of ideas if you're stuck:

  • Alonso failing reflexes leading to him jumping the start
  • Yet another perfect tyre strategy from Button?
  • The not-quite penalties for Hamilton and Vettel
  • Whether we should install sprinklers at circuits
  • How has the balance of power shifted going into the European race weekend

There's so much to talk about, you have absolutely no excuse +44 121 28 87225. I'll edit all the voicemails together into a fabulous Sidepodcommunity podcast and if you have a blog, twitter account or anything else, don't forget to plug it at the same time! Call us now.