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Live from Silverstone, sort of - Testing updates filter back from the UK circuit

Published by Christine

He went without me!? Well, he's lucky I'm in a good mood and don't mind updating you on his progress.

The laptop used to post the previous pictures died, but not before capturing some live video. Check it out:

I can also tell you that it is nigh on impossible to hold a sensible telephone conversation with someone standing near the track of an F1 test. However, we shall do our best to remain in touch, and keep you in the loop as well. Stay tuned.

Update: 1:30pm - All quiet as the teams go to lunch. Well, that's not true. The pit lane is accessible for an hour over lunch, and all but Force India have put up screens to shield their work. This means Force India are now our favourite team, ever.

Elsewhere, Vettel is struggling with a gearbox problem, and is really frustrated because he wanted to spend the time learning the track. Apparently he's not impressed with the lack of marker boards around the circuit, he wants more time to practice, but has so far only done 10 laps.

Update: 3:15pm - Nelson Piquet has broken down on the pit straight. His [direct quote from my man on the ground] "engine made an odd noise." The session has been stopped as a result.

Also, he has bumped into Fraggle and AMC (not sure of the correct placement of capitals here, apologies if it's wrong) from the Renault blog, and they were just off to chase after Nico Rosberg for a picture.

Final Update: 5:45pm - He's on his way home now, and has very little news of testing because he spent the afternoon in the Renault garage! I have no further information on that, so I look forward to finding out what he got up to.

What he did say about the on-track action was that Ferrari stopped out on track (fuel?) and caused a red flag. Renault were apparently laughing at that, but then, they laugh at anything, don't they? Also, the Honda engine sounds, shall we say, different to the others, and not in a good way.

That's all I can tell you for now, but I'm sure we will have pictures and more information as soon as we can.