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Published by Mr. C

Hamilton chats with fans at Mercedes-Benz Live
A crowded house at Mercedes-BenzCredit: Sidepodcast

The Formula One off-season presents us with a chance to catch up on a whole heap of housekeeping tasks in preparation for and anticipation of another year of F1 racing. The list of changes are many and varied for 2013/14, but one area of Sidepodcast that we are not planning to tweak or update this year are the live event threads.

Introduced back in 2012, our live event pages are pretty much exactly where we want them to be. So happy are we with how they work that Christine has spent a considerable amount of time and energy migrating content that pre-dated the new system over to this format.

Beginning with the very first thread covering free practice back in March 2008, right up to final race of this season, you'll find every F1 weekend discussed so far in one convenient place.

As ever, there is more to Sidepodcast than just Grand Prix racing, so you'll also find near endless discussion of live shows, Indycar, Le Mans and Moto GP races, international tennis and football matches, technology keynotes, Giggles radio, television shows, charity events and a whole lot more. In the past six years the Sidepodcast community has managed to talk in depth and at length about the most eccentric of topics.

At the time of writing, the live pages play host to 1,042 events and are home to a massive 540,726 comments. That is a pretty big deal. If you find yourself with a bit of time to kill, be sure to browse the entire archive of events and remember to share any interesting nostalgia in the comments.