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Little bits, nothing major - Customer cars, testing, and circuit contracts

Published by Christine

  • The customer car row continues to roll on, with those who agree saying it is fine and perfectly legal, and those who don't objecting heartily. It's hard to see who's going to win this battle, I imagine they will just keep on arguing until eventually it is too late and the grid is lining up in Australia.
  • According to Autosport, the FIA have come up with another plan for getting teams to announce what tyre they are racing with before the event begins. Supposedly it is to give us all a better understanding of strategies and things, but I suspect a more underhanded reason for their persistance.
  • I thought the changes at Barcelona would have shut him up, if only for a short while, but David Coulthard is reportedly disappointed with the improvements. Apparently he feels it was a wasted opportunity and that while they were making the changes, they could have done more. Webber has joined in the argument, presumably to ingratiate himself with his new team-mate, and they are both annoyed that drivers weren't consulted before the alterations went ahead.
  • Bahrain have confirmed they are extended their contract to host a Grand Prix for the long-term forseeable future. Speculation is that this will be until 2013, but that is so far in the future, I can't even begin to imagine dates like that. I'm sure Bernie is rubbing his hands delightedly.