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Listening just isn't enough - Each podcast now comes with a handy transcript of our words

Published by Christine

Here at Sidepodcast, we are not ones to blow our own trumpets. When we do new things we like to slip them in under the radar, and not make a fuss.

Oh, who am I kidding? Drum roll please.

The newest feature for Sidepodcast is a transcript of each episode. They are available on the archives page, with links to the html version or the pdf version next to the corresponding show. You can pick which ever version you like, but I have to say, the pdf is pretty darn cool.

If you're listening to the show and wonder what "me" is mumbling about, or you can't understand just what it is I'm attempting to try and explain, then you can now try reading it to make things clearer.

The transcripts should be available during the week between one show and the next, but of course, when there are two, it will take longer. And I will have to work on the older episodes as and when. Silly things like going to work and having to sleep get in the way.

But you'll have them as soon as they're done. So, go and have a look, and let me know what you think. (Again, try the pdf - it's marvellous!)