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Lewis Hamilton crowned 2014 Formula One World Champion - A second title for the Brit after tense Abu Dhabi showdown

Published by Christine

Second time World Champion Lewis Hamilton
Credit: Daimler AG

Lewis Hamilton crossed the line after 55 tense laps in Abu Dhabi to secure his second Formula One World Champion. Although contender Nico Rosberg had car problems, it was really decided on the first lap where Hamilton put in one of his best starts to snatch the lead and he never looked back. It wasn't an easy win, but it sealed the deal after a full year of fighting with his friend and teammate.

On the podium, Hamilton was emotional and lost for words but gathered himself together to thank the support he's received over what has been a turbulent season.

One thing I want to say is a big huge thank you to all the fans coming all this way. All the flags, all the caps, it made such a difference this weekend. Also my family… and my team, who did an incredible job. Without them I wouldn’t be here today. I can’t really explain how much this means, it means more than the first one, it feels like the first time.

- Lewis Hamilton

Coming six years after that first title, achieved with the McLaren team, Lewis has wrapped up a second with Mercedes, ending the year with 67 points over his nearest rival. Nico Rosberg has put up a strong fight throughout the season, and the pair have traded the lead of the championship at various points during the year. There's been some tough times between them, but an underlying respect was evident when both paid tribute to each other after the chequered flag dropped in Abu Dhabi.

Hamilton is a racer that wears his heart on his sleeve, and that's been evident during the highs and lows of the rollercoaster 2014 season. The mental battle has been obvious but it's been fascinating to watch Hamilton learn, grow and get on top of himself to be a fully rounded racer well deserving of a second world championship. He hasn't signed with Mercedes for next year, but it's looking likely that he'll continue with the team for another year.

Nico scored more qualifying points which was Lewis' discipline. We expect the battle to continue. We would like to sign Lewis up for a long time. He fits in so well with the team. When he wakes up tomorrow after a long night we will talk contracts.

- Lewis Hamilton

Signing a contract when you're hungover doesn't sound like the best idea to me, but Hamilton deserves his moment to celebrate. It's been a long season, for everyone, and it's been overall a fantastic year for Formula One on track. Congratulations to our new World Champion, and let's hope next year will see another close fight for victory.

Victory in Abu Dhabi secures 2014 title
Credit: Daimler AG