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2013 Christine's Rankings Champion - Lewis Hamilton - An emotional rollercoaster of a season crowns a first time winner

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The 2013 Christine’s Rankings championship has drawn to a close, with a brilliant battle for the title fought by four contenders until the very last moment.

Having led for much of the latter half of the season, and despite tough competition over the last few weeks, this year’s rankings champion Lewis Hamilton held on to take victory on Monday.

Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes, Christine's Rankings Champion 2013
Credit: Mercedes AMG Petronas

It’s been quite the season off track, with highs and lows and everything in between – here’s how the year went for our finalists.

Bronze medallist – Fernando Alonso

For the second year in a row, Fernando Alonso scoops third place on the rankings. Just as in 2012, many of Alonso’s points have come from picture posted on Twitter. A pretty good photographer anyway, Fernando impresses with his optimism, even if he does sometime go over the top with the Samurai stuff. The F1Racing article with him in full gear was a low point this year, it has to be said. However, he gained an awful lot of points for muscling two fellow racers onto his back – something I never thought I’d see an F1 driver doing. That put him back in the hunt for the title, but it wasn’t quite enough for him to take on the top two.

Silver medallist – Felipe Massa

In a bitter twist of fate, Felipe Massa was pipped to the title by just two points, with the victory going to Lewis Hamilton. Massa has been steadily amassing the points, particularly with some impressive face-pulling techniques, a heap of pranks with his brother, and making plenty of use of photos and video to get us inside the paddock, and sometimes inside Ferrari briefings! The partnership between Massa and Alonso has provided us with good things this year, so it’s not a surprise to see them both finish high up the rankings table. Massa made a last gasp for the title with some charity work, but had to settle for second place (again).

Gold medallist – Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton has continued his rollercoaster of emotions this year, and continues to be divisive even within the rankings. Having his teammate be a very good friend helped Lewis pick up lots of points for team and sponsor videos, and there was also plenty of fan interaction along the way that impressed me. He even managed to revamp his website to Mr C’s satisfaction! The situation with his dog was a tricky one to give points for – at first, and still sometimes, cute, the Roscoe and Coco shares were sometimes over the top, and I had to avoid some of the more controversial pet talk as well. But overall, despite any flaws, Lewis did the business this year – he shared, he snapped, he wore his heart on his sleeve, and that’s why he’s the Christine’s Rankings champion for 2013.

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