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Let's never speak of Lotus again - An end to the battle of the same name?

Published by Christine

The Lotus versus Lotus court case came to something of an end today, with the judge finally making his ruling, although I believe Group Lotus are going to appeal. Nevertheless, as it stands, the judgement is in and things have not changed one single iota.

Team Lotus are still called Team Lotus and Renault are still called Renault. Up until this point, I was sympathetic towards Team Lotus, but after today, with both teams declaring it a win, and there still being two Lotus teams on the grid, I lost all patience with both of them.

In the comments earlier today, I declared I would no longer say Lotus at all, in reference to either team. Between us, Amy and I came up with a solution. It's not Lotus and Renault at all. It's Team Heikki and Team Vitaly.

Team Heikki

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Credit: Team Lotus

Personable blond Finn with five years experience of racing. Equally comfortable leading with a veteran teammate, or providing support to a future world champion. Cares for birds, cycles a lot, shares his life stories via Twitter.

Team Vitaly

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Credit: LAT Photographic

Smiley but serious Russian with the dedication of a second year racer. Great at convincing bosses to give him another chance. Handles pressure and podiums well. Has less beard than Heidfeld.

Which one do you support?