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Lend us your voices for the ultimate F1 predictions Megamix - Get your racing assumptions onto a new pre-season podcast montage

Published by Christine

For the past three years, we've produced a giant Season Review Megamix, taking voicemails and recordings from listeners around the world, summing up how the F1 year unfolded from their point of view. It's a fantastic way to hear from people all over the globe, sharing their view of the action and hearing how the same set of circumstances can be perceived so differently.

Because I forgot last month To mix things up a little, for 2012, I'm looking to put together a predictions montage instead. Rather than reviewing the action that has been and gone, it's time to look ahead and ponder what may happen over the coming 12 months.

There's so much to talk about this year, as well. How will Räikkönen get on as he makes his much heralded comeback? Can Williams improve on their disastrous season with two relatively fresh drivers? Can Ferrari haul themselves back into the championship fight? Will Caterham finally be able to score a point? How will the US Grand Prix turn out?

If you have a favourite team or driver, start thinking about how well (or otherwise) you think they are going to do this season. Or get even more specific, and make some predictions about what will unfold when the lights go out in Melbourne.

If you’ve had any thoughts about the 2012 season, then they deserve to be shared with the wider world, and this show is the way to do it. It is your duty to call in and let the Sidepodcast listeners know exactly how the year is going to pan out.

You can give us a call and leave a voicemail on +44121 28 87225, or via the username ‘sidepodcast’ on Skype. You can also send me mp3 files directly via email to

You can be as pithy, or as wordy as you like, but be wary that I will be chopping everything up to make a fabulous banquet of prediction goodness. If you want an idea of how the format works, I highly recommend the previous Megamix shows.

2009 Season Review Megamix

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2010 Season Review Megamix

A glorious audio outpouring of reviews for the season in which Sebastian Vettel secured his first Formula One World Championship, tying it up in an exciting season showdown in Abu Dhabi.

Get calling and tell me what you think will happen this year.