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Korean Grand Prix - The before - First impressions of the brand new track, and the last minute preparations

Published by Christine

Since the Korean Grand Prix was confirmed, we've been eagerly awaiting our first glimpses of the track and as always, Twitter has come to the rescue. Teams, drivers, journalists and fans alike are all swarming towards the circuit and providing us with excellent insight as they do.

As of last night, the track was without white lines, but the construction men have been hard at work painting in some grid slots. They are quite useful, I suppose.

Is that enough gridboxes?
Is that enough gridboxes?Credit: JakeHumphreyF1

They're also busy making room for attendees.

Too dark for photo but soldiers and crash hat workers hammering away to fit seats by floodlight at turn 8

legardj legardj

The surroundings may still be under construction, but at least the track is complete (with or without lines). Ferrari reported that Felipe and Fernando have been round on their bikes to inspect the layout, whilst plenty of journalists are taking their traditional run.

Just finished track run. Quite impressed by layout. A few overtaking spots, some nice elevation changes, banked corners and close barriers

NobleF1 NobleF1

This is more hopeful than I had expected. Elevation changes always make the racing look better, even if it doesn't actually improve the action. Track designer Hermann Tilke has been talking to Autosport, and is confident that we are in for a good weekend.

A lack of grip should not be a problem because we have the best drivers in the world here. Plus, it will be the same conditions for everybody. There will not a problem that the track will break up.

- Hermann Tilke

It's not all rosy out there, though. We have seen a few complaints about hotel rooms, and plenty of confusion about food. There's also the small matter of the track being in the middle of nowhere.

Korea track, had a few messages from guys so not happy about the 5 hrs to get to the track of the back of 14 hrs of flying, thats if direct.

markblundellF1 markblundellF1

Stay tuned to the Sidepodcast F1 Twitter list as the information comes flooding in, and feel free to share anything you spot about life at the brand new circuit. After the weekend, perhaps we will revisit this post and see whether the fears were unfounded.