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Korea 2012 - Rate the race // Did the racing at the Mokpo circuit live up to your expectations?

Published by Christine

After a rather disappointing Japan GP, we had our hopes pinned on the Korean Grand Prix to make up for it. With Red Bull locking out the front row, it looked like it was only a matter of time before Vettel dominated, and that came to pass. There were great battles behind him, though, with the final points positions scrabbled for throughout the race.

Rate the Korean GP

Rate the Korean GP

60 votes

Vettel took the race victory and the championship lead but an errant Kobayashi and some loose astroturf became the stories of the day.

The FIA took stock of what happened at Suzuka with a shortened DRS zone, and the race in Korea last year, shortening the zones this year to try and increase overtaking. There wasn't much for the stewards to do during the race though, with just a couple of early retirements and a penalty for Kamui Kobayashi.

How did you rate the stewarding?

32 votes

After dishing out a penalty to Kamui, stewards had a quiet time and nothing significant required investigating after the race.

How did you rate DRS during the race?

32 votes

The DRS zone had been extended by 80 metres for this year to promote more overtaking, but did it enhance the Grand Prix?

Meanwhile, after the action was over, it was Johnny Herbert's time to take to the podium and dispense with the post-race questions. We're not convinced the podium interviews are the way forward, but how did Herbert get on?

Rate the post race interviews

27 votes

Johnny Herbert tackled the post-race podium interviews in Korea. How did he handle it?

If you're feeling vocal about your choices, do share them in the comments - how much did you rate for each and why?

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