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Korea 2011 - Post race press conference - Quotes from Vettel, Hamilton and Webber after the Grand Prix

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Questions to the top three drivers following the race on Sunday in Korea.

Winner: Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull

"I think it's good to see that the whole team keeps on pushing. Most of us were a bit tipsy after the last race, after Sunday night. To come here after a tough Friday and Saturday morning... in the race the car was fantastic. So much fun to drive, the car was getting quicker and quicker.

"When the safety car came, I didn't really need that. Lewis came closer again, I was struggling with the tyres. I was able to open a gap just before we came for the second pit stop. I got a bit of a gap because those guys were fighting but it's fantastic. After last week, constructor's championship for the team. I also want to say, especially at this place, a lot of thanks to Renault. They've been pushing so hard. I think as a team, we showed a lot of morale, after the engine failure last year, to come back. We're very competitive on those circuits with long straights, like Monza and here again. Thank you very much, and I'm very happy today."

"At the end, we ended up stopping way less than we thought. The first couple of laps the cars felt good, the balance was alright. We expected much more degradation but it didn't come. Eventually it came, but much later. By the time you find out, you realise at the end you didn't have to stop three times in ten laps. Tyre management wasn't easy, I think we were on top of it through all the stints. Int he beginning, Lewis put quite a lot of pressure on. I always wanted to stay clear in the DRS. I knew the moment he started to come into the DRS, he'd be very close. I was pushing hard, the tyres didn't thank me in the second stint, but I was able to come back in the final stint and control the race from there."

2nd place: Lewis Hamilton, McLaren

"It was okay. Not too bad. Mark drove really well through the race, and congratulations to Sebastian. They were massively quick through the weekend, and particularly through the race. I really struggled, had pretty much full lock on everywhere. Nevertheless, a good weekend for me compared to what I've had in the past, so I'm happy."

"I would never question my belief in myself so that's not something that needs doing. I've got the trust and the confidence from the team. It's just about trying to stay out of trouble, stay out of the steward's office and get some better results."

3rd place: Mark Webber, Red Bull

"It's the team's day today, constructor's is a massive thing, back to back. Reliability is faultless this year, 100% reliability of everyone there, with the exception of my non-finish in Monza. Disappointed not to get second today. The safety car was not a big deal, it just brought everyone back together.

"At the second stop we did the worst thing, we stopped on the same lap. We had some good pace to pull away from Lewis, but all the way through it was a good battle. Look forward to the next one."

"I think pulling off clean, perfect weekends, that's what we've got to try and achieve. We know how sensitive it is around the stops. My first lap was pretty good, up to third. Things like that, keep boxing. A lot of positives here for me. My first reaction is disappointment, but that's normal for a competitor. I'm sure I'll wake up tomorrow and be happy."

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