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Korea 2011 - Post race interviews - Read immediate thoughts from drivers following the Grand Prix

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Key quotes from F1 personnel immediately following the Korean Grand Prix at the KIC.

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull

"Unbelievable. It was a great day for us, a great race. I enjoyed it so much to be honest. Yesterday, I was very happy. I know I was second and didn't get the pole, but I had a feeling I got everything out of the car, had a very good lap. Two very good runs in Q3.

"Today, maybe not a perfect start but a very good first lap. I was able to discharge KERS where I wanted to and get Lewis at the final attempt into turn four. After that, especially looking after last week at the back of the stint we were always struggling with tyres, this week it was the other way round, we were superior and able to pull away."

Mark Webber, Red Bull

"I've done a bit towards it. It's a great team effort. Milton Keynes, Viry, in Austria, everyone over there at Red Bull. DC knows where we've come from, a lot of his work as well. All those years ago, because it doesn't come in five minutes. It takes a lot of discipline and effort to beat Ferrari and McLaren, those are world class teams.

"I was confused [about the second stop], the tyres were in good shape, I wanted to keep going. That was a shame. That's a real shame but that's the way it went. He was good, also in the intermediate gears at the bottom. When I got past him at turn five, you could see the acceleration at the bottom. He was strong in the first sector, I was strong in the last sector, but you can't do much in the last sector.

"I think a lot of positives again today. Very good start, good first lap. You need to get everything perfect to win. The win was going to be difficult today, but if the strategy was a bit different we might have had a different result."

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari

"I did twenty qualifying laps to catch the group in front. When I arrived there, I had a little moment close to the wall at the last corner. I asked the team how many laps, they said two, and I said with two I cannot do it, guys. So, we arrived a little bit too late into the battle.

"I was not much quicker [than Felipe] at the time. I struggled a lot in the first part of the race with the supersoft, I finished the front right very quickly on lap three or lap four. I tried to manage the degradation of the tyre. After the stop I found myself between Petrov and Michael, really close to the accident in turn three. And then, as I said, behind Nico we lost a little bit of time but I was not much quicker at that time of the race. I was only quick in the last stint with the last set of tyres so we'll try to see why.

"I think everything will remain more or less the same, unfortunately. Red Bull are a little bit ahead of us, no doubt. Especially on Saturday, they seem very strong. We are about eight tenths or nine tenths behind them. On Sunday, we arrived, that's today, all in a group, in two seconds we arrive four cars. Definitely we deliver a better performance on Sundays than Saturdays, so we need to keep working on that and if we have some podium finishes in the remaining races, it will be welcome. If we, by surprise, can win one race it would be even better."

Felipe Massa, Ferrari

"I think the race was alright. I was not lucky with the first and even the second pit stop because the first one I lost so much time by going out, it was passing so many cars, so I couldn't go, I had to wait. And the second one, I go out of the garage and two cars were in front of me, two slow cars, and I lost so much time behind these cars, you know, in one lap and a half to pass these guys. It was a problem because Fernando came out in front of me from the garage just because of this traffic I had. I would say after our pace was okay compared to the guys in front, so that was a positive.

"I had a good battle, even with the guys on the first lap. Webber, that was not a very quiet race."

Jaime Alguersuari, Toro Rosso

"The reality is that the Toro Rosso team have done a fantastic job. Not just this weekend, also in Suzuka. We brought new updates on the car and they seemed to work pretty well. In Suzuka, on Saturday, we messed up a little bit. We didn't understand exactly what was going on in the car. Now we do. All the aerodynamic parts, it's not that easy a job for the engineers, or for the drivers.

"So we managed to put a good lap yesterday in qualifying. I was not so worried about tyre degradation. I was quite sure about two stops. Today worked perfectly for us, the safety car, the pit stops and obviously fantastic straight line speed - that's why I could manage to pass Nico. I was suffering a bit more in sector two against him, that's why I thought leaving all KERS for after the first corner, and getting the advantage of the DRS would give me a big help and that's what happened. I used all DRS, all KERS 100% and I managed to pass him on the last lap, which I was not expecting.

"Very happy, for sure for the team, because we've been working very hard, especially the mechanics to fit all these new parts to the car. Pushing really hard now, and very happy that we're much closer to Sauber. I don't know if we're in front or behind but we must be very close to them, and three races to the end, I think we can still make it to be in front of them. Just continue with this performance, make it into the top ten in India, and hopefully the last two in Brazil and Abu Dhabi, and yea, just continue with this."

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren

"I went backwards, so I'm not ecstatic, but I'm happy for the team to get some good points for them. To be the one who gets the most points for them this weekend and yeah, I think I drove pretty well in the race. Considering how much quicker their car was which was a considerable amount. Fortunately, with good exits and stuff we were able to stay ahead and then I had to push hard."

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