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Korea 2010 - Free Practice 2 highlights - Drivers continue to get to grips with the Yeongam track

Published by Christine

Sakon Yamamoto leads Lewis Hamilton in Korea... not for long, I'm sure
Credit: Hispania Racing

As Ferrari so eloquently put it, midway through this second session, it felt much more like a normal practice, rather than the spin-fest we saw first thing. Don't get me wrong, there was still plenty of dust being kicked up, and a lot of drivers were still pushing the limits of the circuit, but the times were dropping and some real setup work was being done.

There were incidents aplenty, with Button's McLaren needing some fire extinguisher work and Senna's HRT busy recovering from the problems this morning. Webber pulled it out of the bag by proving Red Bull are still on the pace, so for now, you'd have to say it's between him and Hamilton.

Here's how Free Practice 2 in Korea played out.

As it happened: 2010 Korea - Free Practice 2

  • 05:30

    Hello there. Are you joining me for FP2? You are very welcome. Pull up a chair.

  • 05:31

    It has been pretty quiet since the first practice session ended, and we have been quietly contemplating who will be fastest at the end of the day.

  • 05:31

    QuoteComment from me: "am going for lewis again. ferrari won't go for times and red bull need time to sort their pace in the twisty sections. we won't see either of those on song before tomorrow."

  • 05:32

    It looks like the BBC stream will appear here: for those watching in the UK.

  • 05:33

    Autosport Live will be providing text updates here:

  • 05:36

    Jarno Trulli during Free Practice in KoreaTrulli sits in his car during Free Practice 1. He didn't manage to get a particularly fast time during the session due to problems with the gearbox.

  • 05:36

    Also, look at the state of those tyres.

  • 05:37

    The dust added quite a lot to the practice session this morning, with drivers slipping and sliding all over the track.

  • 05:39

    There was a long list of those who had kicked up some dust, including Hamilton, Massa, Alonso and Kubica.

  • 05:39

    Hamilton made the best of it, though, and posted the fastest time of the morning, despite having been stuck in the garage for a lot of the running, and setting more installation laps than anyone else.

  • 05:52

    A quick look at the tight right hander, a couple of corners in.

    Braking Analysis
    Turn 3
    (forecast data from Brembo)
    Initial Speed290km/h
    Final Speed106km/h
    Stopping Distance95m
    Braking Time1.90s
    Maximum Deceleration4.64g
    Maximum Pedal load137kg
  • 05:54

    FP2 is about to get underway. What will we see before us?

  • 05:55

    I thought the track looked pretty solid in the first session, despite many fears that it would break apart. Granted that was just one lot of 90 minute stress and there's lots more to come but it's a good start.

  • 05:56



    Wind Speed2.6mps
  • 05:57

    All the drivers are being strapped into their cars, and the grandstands are starting to fill up. People are keen to get this session underway!

  • 05:59

    Holly Samos on 5live is reporting some of the feedback from drivers she has gotten after FP1 - that the track was like a wet track early on, and then the tyres suffered from serious graining.

  • 06:00

    Green flagSession started.

  • 06:00

    Alguersuari is the first man out on track.

  • 06:01

    Jaime is already off track. Oops.

  • 06:01

    He continues on safely though, if a little wobbly.

  • 06:03

    The Toro Rosso sets off on a flying lap, immediately encountering traffic.

  • 06:04

    TweetTweet from @clubforce: Both drivers starting out on the hard tyres for planned five lap runs. Plan to try the soft tyres and rebalance as necessary

  • 06:06

    Buemi has popped up to P1 - a 1:44.536.

  • 06:09

    Rosberg drew the short straw today and had to commentate his way round a lap of Korea. Bit tricky when he barely knows it himself.

  • 06:10

    Alonso pushes the times down to 1:41.928.

  • 06:10

    Replays show Glock running a bit wide and scuffing up some dust. Massa, Kubica, Sutil are also shown getting a bit wobbly.

  • 06:11

    The times are dropping rapidly now.

  • 06:12

    The Williams is showing well again, Rubens up in fourth at the moment.

  • 06:13

    Hamilton runs wide. Perhaps I should switch this to comment on who manages a clean lap?

  • 06:16
    Battle For 1st
  • 06:18

    Hamilton has managed to instantly beat Alonso, and thus render my table obsolete, however, these fast times still seem to be quite wobbly.

  • 06:19

    Three drivers remain out on track, as a moment of relative calm falls over the track.

  • 06:20

    RadioTeam radio from Button: "Track still very green, but it's improving lap by lap."

  • 06:22

    Webber's front left tyre is barely touching the ground as he flies round the circuit, but his lap times don't appear to be struggling too much.

  • 06:24
    Top Speeds
    Sector 1Jenson Button245kph
    Sector 2Felipe Massa195kph
    Sector 3Adrian Sutil291kph
    Speed TrapRobert Kubica315kph
  • 06:25

    TweetTweet from @InsideFerrari: The crew is changing the rear wing on Felipe's car. Now he is going to use the blown one

  • 06:25

    Trulli has been out on track but has yet to set a laptime, along with Vettel and Senna. All three are in the pitlane for now.

  • 06:26

    Yellow flagYamamoto has stopped out on track.

  • 06:27

    It looks like he took too much kerb and sent the HRT into a spin.

  • 06:27

    Red flagSession stopped.

  • 06:29

    The marshals have waited for all the cars to pass and finally get going to clear the HRT from the road.

  • 06:30

    Time is continuing to count down, and we are just at about an hour to go.

  • 06:31

    Yamamoto red flags Free PracticeYamamoto (on the left) causes chaos and a red flag by bringing his HRT to a halt in the middle of the track. Look closely, and you can see the red flags being waved too.

  • 06:32

    Green flagTrack is clear.

  • 06:32

    Once again it is Alguersuari leading the pack. That boy is keen!

  • 06:33
    Current Top Five
  • 06:37

    This track seems to me to be a big mash-up of lots of other ones. The close concrete towards the end of the lap is reminiscent of the Wall of Champions, whilst the high fencing and grey concrete is Valencia-esque.

  • 06:38

    Vettel, Trulli and Senna are all still to set a time. Of those who have set a time, all are out on track bar Alonso and Webber, and of course Yamamoto.

  • 06:39

    Button backs off a lot after being caught up behind a Virgin Racing. He wants some space for his own lap.

  • 06:40

    Schumacher pops up to P1 with a 1:40.009 - who will be the first to break into the 39s?

  • 06:44

    Interview with Andy Stobart of Bridgestone: "Graining was definitely the name of the game. When you looked at the tyres, both front and rear, there was more graining on the front but the rear graining was causing more of an effect. To be honest, that's in line with expectation for a brand new track, a very dirty track. We saw when they first went out this morning just how very dirty it was. We saw how much track evolution there was, the times were dropping so much. The weather is being kind to us because it's nice and warm again. A lot of improvement still to come from the track but it's all going the right way."

  • 06:45

    Vettel and Trulli have now hit the track, whilst Senna hasn't been out - his car is still being fixed after his early exit from FP1.

  • 06:48

    The McLaren extinguishersButton's car gets some extinguisher treatment. Button is out of the car, which is back in the garage. The mechanics push the camera away.

  • 06:48

    The official word: "Overheating on the rear end."

    We can see that, thanks.

  • 06:49

    Trulli spotted moving slowly, he had a bit of a trip off track and had to wait for a car to pass before getting going again.

  • 06:50

    Oh! Vettel has posted a 1:39.204 and I didn't notice! Too distracted by the extinguishers. Darn.

  • 06:51

    HRT mechanics push Yamamoto's car back to the garage. If they can patch him up, he can head back out on track.

  • 06:53

    Here's another new widget for you - an ideal lap time with the fastest sectors.

    Fastest Sector Times
    Sector 1Jenson Button53.386
    Sector 2Sebastian Vettel25.019
    Sector 3Sebastian Vettel20.701
    Ideal Lap1:39.106
  • 06:53

    It's not a surprise to find it made up of the two fastest cars, McLaren and Red Bull. One is good on the straights, one is good in the corners. Put them together, oooh, they'd be unstoppable.

  • 06:55

    TweetTweet from @InsideFerrari: This session looks much more normal than the first one

  • 06:59

    Buemi maybeThere's a Buemi in there somewhere. Honest.

  • 06:59

    Forget about 1:39s, we are down to a 1:38.839 from Webber, with Hamilton on a 1:38.922.

  • 07:01

    Petrov lost loads of time in the final sector. He was looking fast and heading for P1, but ended up sixth.

  • 07:02

    They predicted an average lap of 1:44 (not sure who they is, but they did). On 5live, Tom Clarkson reckons qualifying might throw out a 1:35. Any advance on that?

  • 07:05

    Replays show Kobayashi and Massa both running a bit wide. Again.

  • 07:07

    A 180 from Webber, who takes a moment and returns to the track, a little more wary.

  • 07:09
    Current Top Five
  • 07:10
    Current Bottom Five
    23Di Grassi1:45.821
    No Time
  • 07:11

    Jenson's mechanics have almost finished cleaning up the car and all the mess from the extinguishers. He might get back out before the session ends. Just over 18 minutes to go.

  • 07:12

    TweetTweet from @autosportlive: We can see that the astroturf beyond the exit kerb at Turn 12 has been ripped up.

  • 07:13

    RadioTeam radio from Hulkenberg: "The front tyres are falling to bits."

    His engineer basically tells him 'we're gonna keep running for now, this is what we'll have in the race, deal with it.'

  • 07:16

    A very different session for Williams this time out.

    Inter-Team Battle
    Rubens Barrichello12th
    Nico Hulkenberg16th
  • 07:18

    Ferrari tweeted that Alonso was going out for his final run. Fernando went out on track, returned to the pits, went all the way through, and may be about to do a practice start.

  • 07:19

    TweetTweet from @InsideFerrari: Drive through the pits and practice start for both of them

  • 07:19

    Told you so.

  • 07:20

    I've just spotted Yamamoto out on track. I'm not sure when he made his reappearance, but good work by the mechanics to sort him out.

  • 07:21

    Meanwhile, Senna is stuck in the garage. His incident from FP1 saw a wishbone went into the gearbox, and they've had to do quite a lot of work. He's severely lacking in track experience as it stands.

  • 07:23

    All drivers out on track, bar both Saubers, one Sutil and one Senna.

  • 07:25

    Off the racing line, a piece of carbon fibre lies on the track. It doesn't look like it's going to affect running, but I am curious as to where it came from.

  • 07:25

    Senna is sitting in the car. He may be about to head out for an installation lap.

  • 07:26

    Now it's just Heidfeld and Senna in the pitlane. It must be busy out there.

  • 07:28
    Recent Lap Times
    Fernando Alonso
    Lap 251:44.1
    Lap 261:44.0
    Lap 271:44.4
    Lap 281:44.4
  • 07:30

    Chequered flagSession complete.

  • 07:30

    Senna sets a time! Just. A 1:46.649, and he is last, which is to be expected.

  • 07:31

    TweetTweet from @clubforce: Tonio stops on track, he says it felt like the car was pulling too much to one direction.

  • 07:33
    Top Five
  • 07:33

    Into the 1:37s. Amazing.

  • 07:33

    TweetTweet from @VirginRacing: So that's a fairly normal Friday over. Lotus quicker than us after they switched to options, but a good day

  • 07:35

    McLaren had the advantage this morning on a dirty track, but with a cleaner track, Red Bull came back stronger. Alonso is right up there, though, looks like he might mix it up with the best of them.

  • 07:35

    Williams really didn't get it together at all in that session, whilst further back Kovalainen continued his reign as best of the new teams.

  • 07:36

    Di Grassi is almost a second off Glock, which is not great.

  • 07:36

    Qualifying is going to be fascinating, as will watching the lap times fall, if they have any further to go.

  • 07:37

    I will be back tomorrow for Free Practice 3, so I hope you will join me then. Keep your browser pointed at Sidepodcast, though, for results and comments about all we have just seen.

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