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Kimi to McLaren - More than a pipe dream? - Speculation over the Finn's future continues apace

Published by Christine

Ted Kravitz's latest article on the BBC adds weight to the speculation that Räikkönen could return to his former team. We have been discussing this for a few days, but now it seems the paddock are also considering the possibility:

Many people at McLaren still love Räikkönen; in many ways he's the perfect McLaren driver. For a team that grounds their engineering in pure mathematics and physics, to have an unemotional, repetitive - almost robotic - driver in the car is much easier than having a man who is inconsistent and variable.

Perhaps not quite the compliment Kimi will be looking for, but Ted is a respected voice (Ted News!). Is it possible Kimi could return to the team? Would he want to return there after a not-so-happy exit? Would it be a dream team, and how would he and Lewis get on?