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Keeping track - The Sidepodcast F1 calendar has grown - Stay up to date with which events are happening on what days

Published by Christine

For the last year or so, we've been keeping the Sidepodcast Calendar up to date with the F1 schedule, driver and commenter birthdays, and a few select special events such as Le Mans, and the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Now, for 2011, the calendar has grown a little bit more, with some changes to make it easier to use.

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More to life than Formula 1

You may have noticed that gradually this year, we have turned our attention to more and more motorsport, expanding on the theme of just F1. When I asked if anyone wanted any other motorsport series featured on the calendar this year, I got quite the response, and so we have some added extras for 2011. Things like GP2 and Superleague Formula, plus the World Rally Championship, and even MotoGP. There are even some I hadn't heard of, such as Grand-Am, and ones I definitely have heard of but am trying not to get hooked on - IndyCar and NASCAR.

With all that information, plus the regular birthdays and anniversaries in there as well, there is no excuse for forgetting anything in 2011. Oh dear.

Not just F1

In previous years, all the other motorsport categories fell under one single calendar titled 'Non-F1 Events.' As the events in this category started to outnumber the ones in the F1 calendar, they have been split up into separate calendars. That way if you're not interested in a specific series, you can remove it from view (or choose not to synchronise it), or you can simply pick up everything and know what is on and when.

The full list of calendars is as follows:

  • American Le Mans Series
  • British Touric Cars
  • Commenter Birthdays & Anniversaries
  • Driver Birthdays & Anniversaries
  • DTM Series
  • F1 Schedule
  • Formula 3 Euro Series
  • Formula Two Championship
  • GP2 & GP2 Asia Series
  • Grand-Am Rolex Series
  • IndyCar Series
  • MotoGP
  • NASCAR Nationwide Series
  • NASCAR Sprint Cup
  • Sidepodcast Schedule
  • Special Events
  • Superleague Formula
  • World Rally Championship
  • World Touring Car Championship

Phew. I think we have everything covered there, although if there is any series we have missed, please let us know. If there's a 2011 schedule available, I'll try and include it in the calendar.

Share and share alike

You can view the Sidepodcast Calendar on the dedicated page. A drop-down is available on the sidebar of every blog post, and the homepage as well, so you'd do well to miss it. If you want to take the information away, you can synchronise the dates with your own calendar of choice. Kathi wrote some excellent instructions a while back, which I transferred to the new wiki. At the moment the instructions relate to the old set of calendars, but the principle remains the same.

As soon as the times are confirmed for the GP weekends, I will put those in, making the F1 Calendar a little more detailed. I'm also adding the launches as they are announced too, so hopefully you won't miss a thing in 2011.