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Keep up with the Sidepodcast community on Google Plus - A new social network needs an Formula One presence

Published by Mr. C

Despite being a relative newcomer to the social scene, the Sidepodcast community has taken Google+ to their collective bosom. While there is still plenty of active conversation continuing on both Facebook and Twitter, the momentum is definitely favouring G+ right now.

Last month we got the ball rolling by promoting user profiles from various individuals associated with Formula 1, and we received requests to offer something similar to help listeners and readers forge new connections on the plus network.

To that end we present the official Sidepodcast community circle.

Sidepodcast image

Every one of the 48 profiles linked above has been included by request. If you'd like to be added, please do leave a comment here or on the request thread.

At this time, we're limited by how deep the integration between Sidepodcast and G+ can go, but we'll adapt as technology allows. There is of course a similar Twitter list of users for those who prefer to tweet, and we have plans to look at Facebook's new list functionality in due course too.

The Sidepodcast discussion is in the process of spreading its wings far and wide to all manner of new and exciting social platforms. Please don't be shy and miss out on interacting with fabulous, like-minded F1 fans from all around the globe.

The conversation is just getting started.