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Keep or not keep his Toro Rosso in 2009 - Does Sébastien Bourdais have a future in Formula One?

Published by Christine

Bourdais enters the Red Bull motorhome during Silverstone testing 08

The speculation over Toro Rosso drivers has died down somewhat, with the announcement that Buemi would be taking up one of the seats. The only question remains who will take the second, and it seems as though we've narrowed down STR's choice to either Sato or Bourdais. They may surprise us and pick someone completely left field, but this is what we know so far.

During Episode 91, we mentioned the fact that the official Toro Rosso website ditched it's French translation for a Japanese one, which was originally picked up by the eagle-eyed Dank. This seemed to strongly indicate that Sato would be picking up where he left off in F1.

However, Bourdais fans shouldn't give up just yet. The French site L'Auto Journal is reporting that a Swiss newspaper might know something... Okay, I know how 'friend of a friend' this is, but bear with me.

If I understand the translation correctly, Swiss paper Speedweeks is produced by the same people who make the Swiss Red Bulletin magazine. Therefore, they may have some inside contacts to get the good scoops. Also, they probably wouldn't want to annoy their bosses by making up stories about them.

It says that Sato was high up on the shortlist for the drive, but the economic crisis has faltered some of his sponsorship plans. The translated article also suggests that engineers present during the recent shoot out preferred Bourdais' "better baggage technique." I assume this means technical background. Despite all those radio communications we heard, with the Frenchman moaning during Free Practice and Qualifying, it may be that he was actually giving useful feedback.

Of course, I am really just wishing here. I like him and I want him to get the drive.