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Just like buses - Sébastien Bourdais joins Peugeot in their Le Mans programme

Published by Christine

Peugeot 908 Le Mans challenger at Autosport International 2009

A few days ago, Bourdais appeared to be pondering his future with no secure plans for 2009. In the space of two days, he's been confirmed at Toro Rosso, and now will appear at this year's Le Mans. According to ITV-F1, he'll be the first active F1 driver to appear at the endurance race in... a long time. At first, I was disgusted that they couldn't present an actual fact, but after a little bit of research myself, I forgive them. If anyone can find this out, or remembers, we'll give you a mention.

Update: From the comments, R.G has found: "I’m confirming Franck Montagny, in the break between the 2006 Canadian and British Grand Prix, he took part in the Le Mans event." Not that long ago at all, then.

As a Frenchman, Bourdais has naturally signed up with Peugeot Sport, and the announcement is due on Monday. That's the same Peugeot Sport that Montagny will be driving for as well. Imagine if they were in the same team! That would be some kind of super-Le Mans team. I'd definitely stay awake for that. All it would need is Loeb in the car as well, and I wouldn't even need Red Bull to stay up all night.

The 2009 24 Hours of Le Mans is on the weekend of the 13-14th June, and I'm already planning out the Live Commenting post that will go with it. Bourdais says that if he gets in the car, he plans to win. He's taken part in the event six times already, the most recent (and most successful) in 2007 where he finished second. That must have been before we were aware of him, and before I was interested in 24 hour racing. It's also worth noting that Le Mans is Bourdais' home town, so he should know the event inside out.