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Just dance, spin that record - Timo Glock gets his DJ on with a fun shared video

Published by Christine

Moments ago, Lukeh highlighted this video from Timo Glock in the comments. It is another update in the on-going adventures of DJ Glock, and it is completely awesome. If the Virgin Racing driver had not already won the Christine's Rankings, there would be an awful lot of points up for grabs here.

There is little else I can say to introduce it, other than mentioning it is all in German but there are subtitles, and you have to look out for the ironing board.

We are a little confused by the mention of Wäldi as a country. Wikipedia only knows Waldi as an Olympic mascot, whilst Google Maps tells me that Wäldi in Switzerland is a simple road rather than an entire country.

That detracts nothing from the video though. What better way to spend the off-season than watching Glock trying to be a DJ and beating his friend along the way? It looks like there is more to come from Timo, so watch this space!