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Just browsing - More tweaks to the Sidepodcast website to make viewing easier

Published by Mr. C

Google Chrome. Treat yourself to a new browser today

As I may have alluded to recently, web technology is moving faster than Fernando Alonso on a Monza qualifying lap and Sidepodcast is doing its very best to keep up. If you haven't upgraded your web browser in a while, now might be a good time to consider doing so.

For the past month we've busily working in the background, improving the code that holds the site together to provide a more efficient commenting experience. Yesterday we released a minor but visually noticeable update that tidies up comments and readies them for some interesting improvements just around the... hairpin.

To get the most out of the site enhancements you really will need a modern browser. There are plenty to choose from but our my current favourite (I'm still trying to convince Christine), is Google Chrome. I like to think of Chrome as the RB6 of web browsers - technically brilliant, packed with cutting edge technology and destined for great things if only the people at wheel knew how make the most of it.

In truth it doesn't matter what you choose, just make sure you have the latest and greatest (stable) version available. You'll find Sidepodcast is all the better for it.

Roll with the changes

Yesterday's layout tweaks were primarily focussed around simplifying the commenting experience. By default, extraneous information is now hidden away leaving only what's absolutely necessary on display. In practice that amounts to - the comment author, the date the comment was posted and what was written.

Tucked away in a slide-down drawer, accessed by selecting an individual comment header, is potentially a whole host of advanced functionality to aid with replying, quoting and sharing existing comments.

Comment numbering and social links display when required

At the moment, extra functionality is limited to a comment count and social linking, but the space offers us scope to add more and more controls for interacting with (and contributing to), the F1 conversation in future.

We're planning on adding the ability to edit comments soon, and you'll find the tools to do so, hiding in the slide-down drawer. Further, when we add the ability to save your favourite comments into personalised lists, the slide-down drawer is the location where such options will appear.

There are quite a few commenting improvements in the works that we simply don't have the ability to squeeze onto the page without a system that tucks away features when necessary. Additionally hiding non-essential content, keeps the place neat and tidy. I'm quite sure Ron Dennis would approve.

Please do yell if you have issues, or ideas for improvements you'd like to see. We're all for in-season testing, so sit yourself behind the latest Newey inspired (probably) browser, jump in the comments and let us know how it feels.