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June 2014 recap - Solitary summer solidarity - Surviving abandonment at Sidepodcast HQ

Published by Christine

Sidepodcast recap - June 2014

June was potentially the quietest month on Sidepodcast in a long time, mostly because one half of the team upped sticks and disappeared off to the States. Naming no names. Before I left though, we did have time to record a couple of podcasts, and then Joe got in touch so we managed to keep up with all going on in the F1 world ahead of the halfway point of the season.

Formula One in June

Two races were completed this month, the Canadian Grand Prix with its race day surprise and the Austrian event with its qualifying shocker. I had to watch them out of order but thankfully on Sidepodcast, the June races played out in the correct sequence.

F1Minute in June

There was a lot of news across the past four weeks, with highly influential team names confirming their future, and drivers airing their disappointments - with each other and with the way their F1 season is turning out in 2014. We also had a long-awaited update on Michael Schumacher.

Shows in June

Three podcasts squeezed into the month, including a great conversation with Joe. We also managed to catch up with some great feedback from the Sidepodcast listeners, as well as pit ourselves against each other in the championship predictions battle.

Features in June

Adam kept up the brilliant work this month, with two excellent feature articles to follow the Formula One action. Following the Canadian Grand Prix, the headliner was naturally Daniel Ricciardo, but there were mentions for Sergio Pérez, Nico Rosberg and a driver from the sister Red Bull team.

In Austria, the driver of the day top honours went to the Williams pair, although it's hard to know who came out on top after the race. Sergio Pérez got a mention for the second race in a row, showing just what a strong job the Force India driver has been doing.

Posts in June

The post count was on the low side this month, with a couple of great guest entries from Pat to cover the Le Mans weekend, a handful of rankings updates, and some thoughts on the rollercoaster ride that is Marussia's 2014 season so far.

Hidden gems in June

It may have been quiet on the traditional Sidepodcast content, but we were kept very busy watching a variety of sporting and summer events. From various IndyCar races to the World Cup, from the lengthy action at Le Mans to the racquet sports of Wimbledon. There was bonus Glastonbury thrown in for good measure too.

It's not a bumper collection in June, but if you'd like to see this month's content in a handy Readlist collection, click on the button below. The links convert into a brilliant little ebook that you can download for the device of your choice and read at any convenient time.

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