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June 2012 recap - A commenting hat trick - Our monthly update including many sports, fewer shows, and great posts

Published by Christine

This month Sidepodcast has been spreading its wings and following several different sports including F1 - sometimes all at the same time. We had an epic weekend of following IndyCar, Le Mans and some football. Mr C is proud to say he commented in all three threads at the same time. An odd achievement, I'm sure you'll agree. We've not deviated too far from the path though, with F1 getting some great coverage through the Featured articles, plus some interesting posts from both of us and guests alike. Here's how the month unfolded on the site.

Formula One in June

Two more races under our belts this month, with a surprisingly tame outing in Canada, followed up by an unexpectedly exciting Grand Prix around the dockland streets of Valencia.

It's worth noting here that we updated the standings graphs on both driver and team posts to be more interactive. Now you can click to select which drivers (or teams) you see, and it makes comparisons really simple and easy. I love them!

Sidepodcast in June

Aside from following the F1 races, with live threads for each and every session, other sports have been gaining a keen following via the events system on Sidepodcast. After setting up a thread for the first England game, reaction was strong enough that we had a new event for each match for the rest of the tournament. Personally, I got a tiny bit of football fatigue by the end, but it was great fun following the sport with the fantastic commenters. With the football, and Wimbledon, both getting a strong following on the live events, it made all the difference to watching the respective tournaments.

In actual motorsport news, we followed all the action from the 24 Hours of Le Mans thanks to some incredibly hard work from Pat. From a preview post covering everything you needed to know, to threads for qualifying and the 24 hour race itself, not a moment was overlooked. Thanks Pat!

After the fun and games that was the Sidepodcast Jukebox (introduced in the May update), we wrote a quick review of how the first one went down. We also requested any suggestions for potential future jukeboxes - memorable moments, embarrassing things we've said, you know the kind of thing.

Chainbear returned with his most excellent F1 cartoons, casting a satirical eye over the previous week or so in the sport. We finally learned what has been behind Schumacher's bad luck and top secret insight into McLaren's pitstop practice. We also had another returning author with Ernie's podium poetry all about the action in the European Grand Prix.

Finally, an awesome new Feature launched this month, with Adam Barton's regular driver of the day posts making the transition to a fully fledged column. The first update in the new Class of the Field feature took a look at the driving skills on display in Valencia.

Shows in June

It's been a quiet week in terms of audio and video on Sidepodcast, as one half of the show suffers from a lingering ear-related illness. However, we did manage an impromptu post-non-Goodwood podcast.

Posts in June

Along with our regularly scheduled race updates, there were plenty of other posts to read and enjoy throughout the month. Here's a recap of what else has been happening on the site.

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