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July 2013 recap - Meet me halfway - The first part of the season is done and dusted

Published by Christine

We have dived headlong into the summer break now, but in July we were still savouring the last that F1 had to offer us for the first half of the 2013 season. With the final racing round at the Hungaroring before the break arrived, we made the most of the track action before settling in for some more sedate downtime.

Formula One in July

There were the standard two races last month, but we also had three days of testing at Silverstone. We were lucky enough to turn up to a couple of them, but we managed to log the times from all three.

7 JulGerman Grand Prix
17-19 JulSilverstone Test: Day one / Day two / Day three
28 JulHungary Grand Prix

Shows in July

Following last month's bumper crop of podcasts, July's threesome look rather lonely. Still, the F1 Digest shows continue to appear ahead of each race and we even squeezed in a Feet Up Friday!

Features in July

As ever, make sure you check out the sterling work from our race-by-race feature writers. Adam continues to do an amazing job analysing the best drivers on each day, with his great Class of the Field column. Meanwhile, Stuart returned in style with his Postcards from F1, including a double edition for both Britain and Germany, plus some entries for Hungary that may include the best F1 cartoon ever.

Delving into some more detail, Steven took a closer look at the issues behind the safety problems we've had in the pit lane recently, whilst Will posted first an in-depth article on suspension and then an impressive round-up of the testing action.

Posts in July

Lots of fantastic posts in July, including some guest posts about the state of F1 testing, and more new stuff from the makers of F1 games. We also looked at the tyre situation and who is to blame, plus how young a driver can be if they're going to make it in Formula One.

Hidden gems in July

There were a few bits and pieces that don't get quite so much attention on the site in July, and they're worth noting. We enjoyed the second week of Wimbledon, and watched Andy Murray get his name up on that wall of champions. We've also been watching a few more Indycar events, with the brilliant Lukeh continuing to provide introductory paragraphs for each weekend.

As mentioned above, we visited Silverstone for a couple of days of testing, and gathered our pictures together in a couple of posts. I really enjoyed how creative we got on those two days.

Finally I must point out two drivers that impressed me last month - firstly Jean-Éric Vergne spoke! Then Lewis Hamilton emulated my favourite movie of all time.

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