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July 2012 recap - That sensational summer of sport - This monthly site update has increased podcasts and guests posts galore

Published by Christine

After a slow month in June on the podcasting front, we hit the ground running in July with live streams ahoy. We almost would have made it four Friday shows in a row if it wasn't for me and my Olympics obsession. Oh yes, with F1 taking it's summer break, we're all about the track and field sports now. However, that's probably something we'll hint upon in the August recap, for now it is all about what we've achieved in the month just gone.

Formula One in July

With back to back races towards the end of the month, we managed to squeeze in three whole race weekends in July. From the damp conditions at Silverstone and Hockenheim, we moved to the slightly less than impressive events in Hungary.

This month there was a small tweak to the tyre graphics on the Race Information schedules, with new sparkly wheels on display. It's a small change and you have to look closely, but worth doing I think!

Sidepodcast in July

With the month busy on the race coverage front, and the knowledge that a sizeable gap in the schedule would allow for more time to get creative, we've been digging in and waiting for summer, whilst the amazing community have stepped up.

The On Track With series returned with Kai's latest trip to Lime Rock. An excellent post summing up what it's like to be out on the limit of speed and technology, it has already inspired another upcoming guest writer. If you've been out on track recently, or are planning a racing trip soon, do consider jotting down some notes for the excellent On Track With series.

June and July were difficult times for the UK in terms of traffic and getting to motorsport events. We wrote a post pondering what went wrong and what could be done. The problem also inspired a crazy and inspirational fundraising idea from Brij. It's one of those that came out of a conversation with a friend, the best ones always do, don't they?

There were more incredible features this month: Talk on Corners, Class of the Field, 107 Per Cent, Midfield Monitor and the welcome return of Steven's Safety Matters.

In non-F1 news, we finished off the Euro 2012 and Wimbledon tournaments in style, took in some IndyCar and set up our obsession with the Olympics. The summer of sport has been incredible!

Shows in July

Back up to speed this month, we live streamed three Feet Up Friday episodes, which were then edited into concise podcasts, and caught up with the ever-fascinating Joe Saward.

Posts in July

Lots of great stuff on the blog in July, including illustrations from Chainbear, an in-depth look at another podcast, and some poetry to top things off as well.

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