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Judge not lest ye be judged - Ranking the drivers by personality and popularity

Published by Christine

I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but the comments on this thread descended into a popularity contest, with us ranking the drivers by their "cool" factor.

My opinion has been sought, and whilst I am no authority on the subject, I'm always happy to compile lists.

There's speculation as to who will top my list, whether it will be Jenson or Franck, but I have to clear something up before I start. My "cool" list is far removed from my "iHeart" list. It's safe to say that if I find someone attractive, that doesn't automatically make them cool. Trust me on this.

Also, there are apparently a couple of rules, in that they need to be current F1 drivers or reserve drivers, and it should be a top ten list.

So, here goes.

  • Button
  • Alonso
  • Räikkönen
  • Webber
  • Rosberg
  • Trulli
  • Vettel
  • Kovalainen
  • Heidfeld
  • Glock

That's my list, you'll notice Bourdais isn't on there. He's not cool, but oh so cute. I'm sure there'll be plenty of agreement and disagreement out there, so love to hear your thoughts and lists in the comments.

One final thought, please don't ask me to justify having Button at the top after watching this video:

Yes, it's awful, but everyone deserves a second chance!