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Jenson's first task at McLaren - Button arrives for his first day at work in Woking

Published by Christine

The sun has barely set on 2009, and Jenson is up at the crack of dawn working with his brand new team. Perhaps not, perhaps these are pre-recorded things that had to wait until his contract came into effect, but still, it's nice to see a team so very pro-active.

This first came to light when the Fifth Driver tweeted about JB in his new McLaren garb, with an exclusive picture to boot, and it's fair to say there was a mixed reaction in the comments. At first, I thought it did look a bit odd, but I am getting used to it after only a couple of glances. Heikki never looked comfortable in the gear, but I think Jenson will make it his own as the season progresses. Mr C's first viewing of the new-look Button garnered only the comment: "He's still got his beard!" I wonder how long that will last.

In the comments, Becken also alerted us to the fact that Mr Button has graced us with a video from his brand new headquarters.

The thing that strikes me is just how very happy he looks. It's the same kind of smile we saw at the very beginning of 2009 when things were going his way and the pressure hadn't hit yet. Maybe this McLaren move isn't ideal for him, and maybe we are still sure that he's going to be outshone by Lewis, but it's clear that the man has made the move he wanted, and for now, at least, the optimism is still there.

In which case, I raise a glass to Button and hope he does well in his new team.