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Jenson Button re-signs with McLaren for multi-year deal - The Brit looks set to continue with the Woking team

Published by Christine

All smiles on Jenson's side of the garage
All smiles on Jenson's side of the garageCredit: Pirelli S.p.A

McLaren confirmed today that Jenson Button will remain with the team, alongside Lewis Hamilton, for several years in the future. All parties seem very happy about the news, with Jenson Button suggesting he feels more comfortable at McLaren than he has in a long while.

I found the most interesting quote to be from Martin Whitmarsh though, who said good things about Button, whilst simultaneously not being quite so nice to Hamilton.

Jenson is a great driver and a great guy. In fact, I can safely say that he's one of the most capable and respected drivers we've ever had, and I'm therefore absolutely delighted that he'll continue to work with us into the future.

- Martin Whitmarsh

It's completely understandable that he would say something like that, given Button's performances recently, and I don't think it's a coded message or anything like it. However, it does further strengthen the speculation that the team is twisting away from Lewis Hamilton. By no means do I think they are abandoning their star driver in favour of another exciting Brit, but I'm positive that the team wouldn't have said something like that a couple of years ago.

Button is in the unique position of leading his teammate in the driver's championship, and if he goes on to finish ahead of Hamilton at the end of the year, he'll be the first driver in F1 to have outperformed Lewis in equal machinery. The rivalry between these two seems to be hotting up, and I think it could be a really fascinating battle over the next couple of years.

It's not bitter (not yet, anyway) and they appear to be really good friends but in the garage with helmets on, the tide could be turning for Lewis Hamilton.