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Jenson Button in Sandwich - The McLaren driver gets a new job behind the wheel

Published by Christine

We heard Jenson Button would be teaming up with Walkers Crisps to film some adverts, and the tabloids have been full of sneak peeks at Jenson in a tailor-made cab. I even referenced one particular picture for Christine's Rankings this week - marking JB down for the corny cab name.

With perfect timing, Walkers posted the first video to their YouTube channel.

Initial thoughts range from amusement at watching Button in action, confusion over the lack of Walkers branding, and bemusement over McLaren's use of taxis in a viral F1 video yet again. Are marketing departments that unoriginal?

Let us know what you think of the ad, of cabbie Jenson, and if it makes you hungry for a potato chip or two and thanks to Maverick for the heads-up.