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Japan 2011 - Post race press conference - Button, Alonso and Vettel share their Grand Prix views

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Questions to the top three drivers following the race on Sunday in Japan.

Winner: Jenson Button, McLaren

Q: Jenson, coming into this weekend you said all you wanted from the rest of the season was to take another grand prix victory. Job done. Congratulations.

"Thank you. I think this circuit is very special to all of us. We love this place, so to get a victory here in front of such an amazing Japanese crowd really does mean a lot. Big thanks to the team for the improvements we've had over the last few races. Congratulations to them."

Q: Jenson, everyone knows the affinity you have with Japan and its people. What’s it like to win here on this incredible circuit with these fabulous fans and how much motivation does that give you going into the last few races of the year?

"It gives us, as a team, a lot of motivation. It's good, as Sebastian said, to see three different cars within about three seconds. It shows how competitive F1 is at the moment. There's a lot of fans here, and I think we all tried to do a little bit to plant a good memory in their minds. It's a special race and a very special crowd, we need to thank them for supporting us.

"Lastly, it should be Seb we talk about. This guy's done a great job this year, however hard we tried we couldn't touch him. Great job fella."

2nd place: Fernando Alonso, Ferrari

Q: Fernando, a brilliant podium, a great strategic race and a fabulous battle with Sebastian. It looked like a lot of fun.

"First of all, congratulations to Sebastian, world champion. It was a fun race from the start, the strategy was quite important with a lot of tyre degradation. We picked the right moment to stop, we had the pace today to fight with McLaren and Red Bull. It's a good thing for the team. We've got back to a good level here, this podium means a lot to the team, motivation for the rest of the year."

3rd place: Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull

Q: Sebastian, probably not the result you were hoping for today but you came into this weekend needing one point and with a podium you have done it.

"It's difficult where to start. Obviously, it's such a long year and we had a fantastic year. The good thing is, it's not over. Today's race was not so easy. I think we weren't that quick on the soft tyres, as we hoped to be. We lost two positions. I think we had a very good car but it was difficult to get past Fernando. I think I got my move of the year in Monza, I don't think he's letting me through this way twice.

"To win the championship here is fantastic. There's so many things you want to say in this moment, but it's hard to remember all of them. I'm so thankful to everyone in the team. We've got so many people working day in, day out. Pushing hard to build those two cars, and to fight for a lot of points, and fight for the championship. It's great to achieve the goal that we set ourselves going into this year.

"There are so many people it is hard to name them all to thank, but I think one person that really stands out this year is the person I spend most of my time with during the year. It's my trainer Tommi Parmakoski. Also, regards to his family. I think back in Finland they have a great son with a great heart. He was the one not allowing me at any stage this year to lose the grip, start to fly, or think about things that are not in our control.

"Congratulations to Jenson, congratulations to Fernando. I think today we saw that it is extremely tight. Tighter than maybe sometimes it looked this year. In the end, the top four cars were within not even 10 seconds and it is great to know that it is so tight but that we can come so strong out of it. They also know how to drive as well and are doing a fantastic job, but I think this year we have always been just this one step ahead. It is down to people like Tommi and other individuals, every single one is pushing more than 100 per cent to do his job and keeps us on the right track. There is no secret. It is step-by-step. I think in a way the hardest thing is after winning last year… we won the championship it was so close and we were so excited.

"To go out and do it again, even though you know how to do it, it doesn’t allow you to forget all these little steps and as I said I could not have done this alone. I needed all the support I could get from the team, from Mark, from everyone outside the team working for me, so it is just as confusing as the first one I have to say. It is hard to find the right words."

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