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Jam, Cheese or Marmalade? - Christine's Rankings, Week 1 - In which the new series of rankings begins with points aplenty

Published by Christine

The new and improved Christine's Rankings kicked off with a week and a bit of highlights from around the web and around the world. The Australians got going straight away with both Daniel Ricciardo and Mark Webber on fine form - sharing pictures of their off-season antics, including penguin-spotting at concerts, and whipping up some food on Saturday morning TV.

Nine other drivers got themselves off the mark in the first week, including the very impressive Kamui Kobayashi. His score here doesn't reflect the awesome things he came out with on Twitter this week, but sadly he let himself down a little bit towards the end. I'm expecting more mega points from the Sauber driver as the season draws closer.

Finally, a quick note that in the table below, the movement calculation is picking up from a driver's base position - which is alphabetical order. Next week it will make more sense.

Movements for Week 1

  • +1 Heikki Kovalainen: Heikki has displayed his love for golf on many an occasion, but had to sacrific precious golfing time for F1: "Great day for golf today in Jerez, but gotta drive an F1 car instead... Oh well its not too bad is it?! Filming day so can have some fun!"
  • +1 Charles Pic: For a man that we don't know much about, Pic has a few fans on Twitter! He held a fabulous Q&A, including answering very specific questions about sandwiches: "@PaddiePowerF1: @Charles_Pic1 What do u prefer on bread? Jam, Cheese or Marmalade? :D" Ham for sure !
  • +1 Daniel Ricciardo: Daniel knows the important things in life.
  • +2 Timo Glock: The F1 boys do a lot of exercise, a lot of cycling, and I like the idea of a cycling date between two of them.
  • +1 Mark Webber: I love this insight into the life of an engineer, as Webbo claims to be lending a helping hand.
  • -1 Mark Webber: I know these calendars exist, and there's a demand for them, but do F1 drivers have to share them? At least it was partially covered.
  • +1 Jenson Button: The McLaren man took time out of his day to visit the Caterham chaps on their filming day.
  • +2 Kamui Kobayashi: Kamui has only just joined Twitter but has already learned how to overshare. I enjoy food pictures, but this is downright terrifying. However, I like the idea of yelling meaaaaat! at people.
  • +1 Jean-Éric Vergne: They say not to play with your food, but for this picture, I will make an exception.
  • +1 Paul di Resta: They may be best friends forever now, but Paul was once a big fan of DC, and got a signed photo!
  • +1 Kamui Kobayashi: I can't tell if this is sand or snow, but either way I love the picture.
  • +2 Jenson Button: I love drivers doing their bit for a good cause, although I've never seen two people more blatantly in separate rooms than JB and JB!
  • +1 Daniel Ricciardo: Best to clarify things like this before rumours start getting out of hand.
  • +2 Kamui Kobayashi: I love the idea that rubber ducky (you're the one) is not a globally known concept.
  • -4 Kamui Kobayashi: See, just not a fan of the Shorty Awards. Boo.
  • +1 Lewis Hamilton: The man has shared these behind the scenes photos as he prepares a follow-up video advertisement with Tony Stewart in this Mobil1 shoot.
  • +1 Michael Schumacher: Michael attended the Koeln Carnival Party in what appears to be a rather snazzy waistcoat.
  • +2 Daniel Ricciardo: I approve of snapping pictures of the crowd, and using the phrase patient penguin at a concert.
  • +2 Mark Webber: Webber made an appearance at the Red Bull factory to meet some Help for Heroes guests. Nice guy!
  • +2 Mark Webber: Points for making the effort on this programme, although it looks like the worst show ever?
  • +2 Mark Webber: Fun and games in Barcelona, as Webber takes part in an odd pit stop and meets some photographers.

Standings for Week 1

This week's standings
123Mark Webber66
216Daniel Ricciardo44
3-1Jenson Button33
41Timo Glock22
5-1Paul di Resta11
61Lewis Hamilton11
74Heikki Kovalainen11
88Charles Pic11
911Michael Schumacher11
1012Jean-Éric Vergne11
11-1Kamui Kobayashi11
12-11Fernando Alonso0
13-10Pedro de la Rosa0
14-8Romain Grosjean0
15-7Nico Hülkenberg0
16-7Narain Karthikeyan0
17-5Pastor Maldonado0
18-5Felipe Massa0
19-5Sergio Pérez0
20-5Vitaly Petrov0
21-4Kimi Räikkönen0
22-3Nico Rosberg0
23-2Bruno Senna0
24-1Sebastian Vettel0
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