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Jaime Alguersuari's Organic Life - A new album from the Spanish DJ / driver

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I was surprised to learn from a number of motorsport outlets today that Jaime Alguersuari's debut album had reached the heady heights of number one in the iTunes Electrónica chart.

Surprised, because it wasn't quite true. The new release had briefly achieved No. 1 status in Jaime's home country more than a week ago, but has since dropped to number 11 in the Spanish chart. In the UK iTunes countdown this week, the release sits just outside the top one hundred, in position 103.

Jaime Alguersuari presents Squire, Organic Life
Jaime Alguersuari presents Squire, Organic Life

Do not let the over-optimistic headlines detract from the album however, because Jaime has successfully joined that elite group of F1 drivers who also release songs. Other members of which include Jacques Villeneuve and, well, no-one else that comes to mind. At a stretch you could include Alonso's wife or Hamilton's partner, but even so, all credit to Alguersuari for recording and releasing a single whilst still actively driving in Formula 1.

Apparently work on the recording was completed during the recent F1 summer break. The full title is 'Jaime Alguersuari presents Squire, Organic Life' and is released on the Blanco y Negro label. Squire is the stage name Jaime uses when DJ'ing live events.

Organic Life features a total of 12 tracks, but only one of them, the title track, appears to be Squire's own creation. The first 10 are re-packaged singles, while the final one (clocking in at over an hour in length), is a continuous set of the previous 11 tunes, mixed by Alguersuari/Squire. I have no idea if this is the norm for Electronic albums, but initially I'd assumed everything came from the mind of the main man.

The record company describes the album as "groovy and funky deep and tech house", which truly doesn't mean much to me. I do like the single Organic Life, although perhaps not as much as anything on Private Paradise.

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If you're up for more, Squire has also posted a number of sets to Soundcloud which you can listen to for free, and you can follow updates from Squire Music in the following places: