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I've seen so many Formula One cars - Christine's Rankings, Week 21 - Getting arty, finding your voice and riding an old/new bike

Published by Christine

This week, the drivers were in Germany gearing up for (and completing) back to back races but they still found time for some pointsworthy activities. This week, there are points up for grabs for videos from the parade truck, sneaky sit-downs in a rival team camp, a spot of drumming, and a little bit of artwork as well. There's plenty more in the list below, and don't forget that if you're perusing anything F1 and think it could be worth some points, do give a shout via @f1rankings, or right here in the comments.

Movements for Week 21

  • +2 Felipe Massa: A very cool, if rather windy, video from the driver's parade (please excuse Alonso's gesture).
  • -2 Fernando Alonso: Making a rude gesture at his teammate, who filmed a quick 360 on the driver's parade truck.
  • +2 Jenson Button: A good track walk at Silverstone with DC, including some cringeworthy acting to beam to a new corner.
  • +2 Sebastian Vettel: Winning round the harsh British crowd with a spot of drumming.
  • +2 Adrian Sutil: So, the guy is an F1 driver, a talented pianist, and also a pretty good artist? Share the talent, man!
  • +1 Heikki Kovalainen: Responding to just a teeny bit of nagging from the missus and cleaning the house.
  • +2 Felipe Massa: Fun little "Know your tracks" guessing game, against Rob Smedley. And another married couple mention!
  • +1 Jean-Éric Vergne: Vergne "getting in the zone" apparently. Or perhaps wondering who stole his car.
  • +2 Mark Webber: Having a cheeky sit down in the Williams garage as he passed through.
  • +3 Charles Pic: Some charity work plus a big treat for super-fan Katy at Silverstone. How lovely!
  • +1 Fernando Alonso: Having a go on some kind of penny farthing exercise bike!
  • -1 Daniel Ricciardo: Managing to avoid the "why do you not pronounce the i in your name" question by losing at Jenga.
  • +3 Jean-Éric Vergne: Having as terrible a memory as me, and wanting to keep on playing Giant Jenga, despite the game being over!

Standings for Week 21

This week's standings
10Lewis Hamilton38
20Jenson Button231
30Fernando Alonso-127
40Daniel Ricciardo-125
50Valtteri Bottas20
62Felipe Massa420
72Jean-Éric Vergne420
8-2Giedo van der Garde18
9-2Nico Rosberg16
100Esteban Gutiérrez14
110Sergio Pérez14
120Paul di Resta14
130Nico Hülkenberg13
140Max Chilton12
150Mark Webber212
160Romain Grosjean9
172Charles Pic36
180Heikki Kovalainen15
19-2Pastor Maldonado5
200Adrian Sutil24
210Alexander Rossi2
220Rodolfo González1
230Luiz Razia1
240Jules Bianchi0
250Ma Qing Hua0
260Kimi Räikkönen-2
270Sebastian Vettel2-7
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