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It's tougher than you think - The results of our anger-busting Tremayning competition

Published by Mr. C

Already it seems like a very long time ago, but in fact just last weekend, prior to the start of the Singapore Grand Prix we were Tremayning.

The goal with this particular challenge was to rant in a needlessly angry way about some mundane subject or other, whilst dressed completely in black. As we did with the Champagne Challenge, for convenience and posterity here are all the entrants, arranged from best to worst as decreed by Christine.


The winning Tremaynism was Scott, who had the difficult task of going first. His rant involved the rather peculiar decision by Bridgestone to run their option tyres with a pink stripe during a recent test.

A worthy F1 winner.


The sentiment within Alex's rant is probably something that will remain with us forever, after the man picked the FIA's recent bizarre attitude to penalising certain drivers as his rant of choice.

Best quote of the year.


Shaun took Tramayning to a whole new level when he broke free of the Formula 1 shackles and laid waste to the UK's traffic problems. He may have inadvertently found a solution to the problem of the Trulli-train while he was at it.

Don't drive angry.

Mr C

My own attempt was nothing less than shameful, given ranting about inane subjects is what I've spent the best part of two years doing. I did make an effort with a black t-shirt in the hope that no-one else would and that would save me.

That's the lot. Interestingly no entrants from the female Sidepodcast fraternity in this instance. I can only assume that wearing black and moaning about trivial things is something that men do best?