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It's just a personality contest - Who might win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year accolade?

Published by Christine

In 2007, it was so obvious that Lewis Hamilton was going to win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award. No one had seen such a stunning start to a sporting career, and he had reinvigorated plenty of Briton’s interest in motor racing.

Then Joe Calzaghe started punching his way into the public’s hearts, and everyone forgot about their F1 hero. He finished up second, but who ever remembers second place in this kind of competition?

The question is, can Hamilton make it this year? He’s well on his way to a maiden championship title, with only one real rival for it. He’s been winning all over the place, featured in all the newspapers, handing out some awards, and generally increasing his popularity.

Granted Lewis also left the country and bemoaned being famous, but that doesn't seem to have damaged his status too much.

The problem with this year is a small little thing called the Olympics. Our athletes won our highest medal tally for over 100 years, and we brought home plenty of lovely gold.

With the Games fresh in our minds, and lingering due to our hosting duties in 2012, it’s highly likely that Mr Hamilton will be usurped again. I'm not a betting expert, and the bracketed odds are bound to change, but the BBC list swimming champ Rebecca Adlington (2-1), cyclist Chris Hoy (5-2) and sailor Ben Ainslie (20-1) amongst those in with a chance. Hamilton (5-2) is right up there with the best of them.

Personally, I was thinking about voting for Olympic Cyclist Bradley Wiggins, if only because his nickname is The Wiggler. Bradley ‘The Wiggler’ Wiggins. Can’t really ask for more, can you?

There’s also Andy Murray, who’s been on top tennis form this year. But he’s not really very good at winning friends and influencing people, so I’m not sure whether to encourage him or not. I do have until the 14th December to decide, of course.

As it stands, there have been six Formula 1 wins: Stirling Moss, Jackie Stewart, and two each for Nigel Mansell and Damon Hill. I’m sure Hamilton will want to add his name to the list, but it’s a tough year with so much competition. If he wins this year’s championship title, though, it might boost his odds just that little bit.

It’s not all about odds though, as the public get the vote and the final say. Us Brits are known to be quite a fickle bunch as well (who me?), so in the three months Lewis has left to make an impression, anything could happen.