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It's just a jump to the left, and then a step to the right - Google takes us on an F1-themed search nostalgia trip

Published by Mr. C

As part of their 10th anniversary celebrations, Google have published a page based on a 2001 search index. A more detailed explanation of the why's and wherefore's can be found on the Google Blog, but that's of little interest to us. What we'd really like to know is just how bad was the Formula One web back then?

The obvious keyword to start with would be f1, and entering that brings up a list of suspects not too dissimilar from what you'd expect to see today.

Google's 2001 F1 search

Back in '01, the most popular F1 site on the interweb was ATLAS F1 (in the days before they merged with Autosport), more popular than even Bernie's, and you can view a cached copy by selecting the "view old version on the Internet Archive" link.

By far, my favourite headine on the page was a story halfway down entitled: Dennis Looks for Anti-Spying Solutions.

By all accounts that worked out very well for him.

There's plenty more history to dig through, for example did you know that ATLAS used to run an IRC chat during races? How far ahead of their time were they?

No doubt there are more gems to be found, including plenty of interviews and stories we can look back on in a whole different light just seven short years later. So please, don't hold back, dive in and let us know what else you spot.