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It's hard to get by just upon a smile - Building stories from single word answers, plus the BBC's sexism

Published by Christine

I've had quite a bad day over here at Sidepodcast Towers, and in order to release some of the tension, I'm gonna pick on a couple of news stories that have wound me up today.

More stories from nothing

As ever, Autosport has managed to extract as much as possible out of a single situation to make as many stories as possible. In this case, Hamilton's reaction to questions about whether he's expecting a bad reception in Spain.

Hamilton: "No."

Autosport: "That's all we needed to know."

Wonders will never cease

Danica Patrick won a race last weekend, which is brilliant for her, for motorsport, for womankind, etc, etc. But apparently, the BBC think she may not be worthy of a namecheck.

The BBC report Danica Patrick's race win


A woman did it.

I'm assuming they thought writing Patrick would lead readers to think it was a man, and they'd be less inclined to click. So they chose woman.

I thought of it first

Flavio is getting married between the Canadian and the French GP.

I just want it noted that Sidepodcast was planning their wedding between races before Briatore had even thought about it.

Thanks for listening. I feel better now.