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It's all your fault - Ron Dennis hits out at F1 on the internet

Published by Mr. C

Ron Dennis isn't happy. Now that news won't come as a massive surprise to anyone who's followed F1 for more than five minutes, but the reason for his current misery probably will.

You've upset him... and apparently so have I.

Here's what the man in black (leather), had to say earlier this week:

The Internet has been the bane of our lives. This is an uncontrolled, unedited, source of information that is fed into the media.

Don't worry though, I like to think of it as something of a backhanded compliment. At least we got some reaction, Bernie has yet to acknowledge technology has progressed beyond the pocket calculator. In fact, I bet he's still excited when he reads 55378008 upside down.

Personally I'm a fan of the uncontrolled and the unedited. It keeps things fresh. The Internet is the single greatest democratising power our world has ever experienced and that strikes fear deep into the heart of Ron. Later he went on to say:

I am not critical at all of the media.

Well he wouldn't be would he? Especially in the tightly controlled confines of the paddock, where it's so tough to break in, that those who do, are too frightened to say anything that might see them thrown out again. Such an elite and constrained selection of journalists are easy pickings for a control freak with a motive.

Ron's not comfortable with all other types of media though. Back in May he described the frankly superb Red Bulletin newspaper as:

A piece of rubbish.

I don't like what it stands for, I don't like the quality of it... I don't think it has a place in Grand Prix racing.

I guess there's no pleasing some people.

Next year I'm looking forward to being an even bigger pain in the backside for Ron, and I'm looking forward to reading and hearing everybody else's uncontrolled / unedited content in a world where everybody has a vote and Max or Bernie don't control who gets the passes.