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It's all about who you choose as your guest on Team Rankings this week - In which Red Bull pay tribute to Freddie Mercury with some moustache action

Published by Christine

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Not content with winning a championship this weekend, Red Bull have also been out and about with their Showcar, taking the sport to lofty new heights. There are some points available for that, as well as great competitions, hosting parties, and talking tech. Oh, and there's also some Paris Hilton as well - you have been warned.

Movements for Week 36

  • +5 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes: +3 for helping Joe Saward celebrate his 400th Grand Prix weekend. +2 for their excellent "drive Lewis' car" competition (with help from Johnnie Walker).
  • +2 Marussia F1 Team: +2 for hijacking a coffee shop for their own devices, ahead of getting to the F1 paddock in Korea.
  • +7 Red Bull Racing: +5 for their excellent tribute to Freddie Mercury. Moustaches all round!! +2 for taking the Showcar to new heights - do they ever let that thing rest?
  • -5 Force India Formula One Team: -5 for this frankly awful video of Paris Hilton talking about the upcoming Indian GP. She blatantly isn't going to the GP despite her lies about checking her schedule. Also, the cars are "soooo awesome". Ugh.
  • +1 Team Lotus: +1 for a proper geeky gadgety item in their recent Lotus Notes issue.

Standings for Week 36

This week's standings
10Team Lotus171
20Red Bull Racing761
30Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One Team52
40Lotus Renault GP50
50Vodafone McLaren Mercedes549
60Marussia F1 Team242
70AT&T Williams27
80Sauber F1 Team24
91Scuderia Ferrari11
10-1Force India Formula One Team-58
110Scuderia Toro Rosso6
120HRT Formula 1 Team4
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