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Italy 2009 - Schedule - Looking ahead to the racing and podcast action for Monza

Published by Christine


We saw it all in Belgium, but now it's time to move on to Monza. Fisichella has made his step up, we've got yet another new driver taking a seat this year, plus this circuit should see some KERS action. It's well worth tuning in.

We've got two schedules for you today, the first is the BBC's guide to what is online, on TV and on radio. We'll be online, as ever, and threads will open in a timely manner. The second table is our much more flexible Sidepodschedule, giving you a rough guide to which podcasts are coming out when.

TV schedule

We're all about Radio 5live, have you made the switch yet?

DaySessionThread OpensStarts
FridayFree Practice 18:308:55
Free Practice 212:3012:55
SaturdayFree Practice 39:309:55
Qualifying11:3012:10 (q1 starts 1pm)
SundayThe Race12:0012:10 (race starts 1pm)

Podcast schedule

Here are rough estimates of when the shows will be released over the coming few days:

DayPodcastSuggested Times
WednesdayF1 Digest9pm
F1 Digest9pm
F1 Digest9pm
SundayParade Lap (Live)11am
F1 Debrief (Live)7pm
MondayF1 Digest9pm
F1 Debrief (Podcast)7pm

We'll be around for every session in the live comments, and I hope you can join us when you can. Either way, enjoy the race!