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Is that an iPod in your pocket? - Some other podcasts your Sidepodcast hosts subscribe to

Published by Christine

With the voting for the 2008 Weblog Awards due imminently, we've come to the sudden realisation that we're up against some serious competition. In fact, we stand no chance, but that's okay, because in the podcast category we are up against both This American Life and This Week in Tech - both brilliant podcasts that I listen to regularly and love.

With that in my mind, plus the fact that I have finally managed to catch up with my podcast feeds over the holidays, I thought I would share some of the non-F1 shows I listen to. Here are ten of the many, many podcasts I have subscribed to - not including the two already mentioned and in no particular order:

Buzz Out Loud

From the CNET stable of podcasts, Buzz Out Loud is a weekday show, roughly half an hour long, discussing everything that affects the technology and media industry. The show is friendly and informative, good at explaining some complex things, and is very happy to take feedback and be corrected by the growing Buzz community.

Friday Night Comedy

This fine podcast rotates between the always excellent Now Show and the mildly amusing News Quiz. I know Mr C subscribes and unsubscribes just to hear the former, but I don't mind chuckling my way through the odd news quiz while I wait for the amusing Punt and Dennis to return.

Media Talk

From the Guardian, this show does what it says on the tin, in that it talks about all things media. From newspapers, to TV, to online presence, and specifically how companies are making the transition from old media to new. The conversation can get a bit pretentious, as though we are eavesdropping on insiders having a good old chinwag, however sometimes that's where the gems come from.

Sky News: Headlines Update

Although Sky News isn't my favourite, this is a good video podcast for keeping up with the main headlines of the day. There are several updates throughout the day, and I don't watch them all. I tend to catch up with them when I feel I haven't been aware of the news of late. It's a good summary, but needs a proper ending.

60 Second Science

I found 60 Second Science after starting F1Minute. I wanted to see how other people managed the mini-podcast genre, and this one really caught my attention. It has the exact feel of the Minute, with a good story captured in 60 short seconds. My only complaint is that the actual show is 1:15 on most days, but that's the price of advertising, I suppose.

Brigitte Dale

I love the off beat nature of this video blog (don't call it a vlog, she hates that). It's about life in general, although particularly focuses how we as human beings forge relationships with others. One of the Sidepodcast Diaries is a homage to this video style, but I'll leave it for you to find which one.

The Official LOST Podcast

Although it hasn't been updated for a while, when the series is on TV, the Official LOST podcast is an amazing thing to behold. The writers of the show actually take the time to discuss what's going on in the show and examine some listener theories. They even take questions, although they don't always answer them. If only we could have this behind the scenes access to all shows.

Lucy Kellaway

I'm a big fan of the FT, although I have no idea how people find the time to read it. Lucy Kellaway's column is a breath of fresh air in what can be a lot of stuffy business news. A witty look at the world of management, I really like the idea of people reading their columns to me, so that I don't have to.

The Archers

I have two reasons for listening to this show. I don't care if you believe them, or if you assume I'm a boring old woman. Firstly, I'm impressed with the level of access the message board users have to the script writers. I wrote a personal post about a particularly noteworthy incident. As also mentioned in that entry, I'm also intrigued by the production values.

Something to be Desired

An online comedy, currently on series 6, this podcast has been around since 2003. I love the fact that this screams of a home-made TV show but is really good, friendly and funny at the same time. It's also clearly successful, as the actors stick around and fans like me keep coming back for more.

That's just a quick insight into some of the non F1 shows I listen to. I'd love to hear what un-sporty shows you have lined up on your iPod (other mp3 players are available but not recommended). Please feel free to share, or to comment on the ones I've listed above - although don't mention The Archers, okay?