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Inside Track - Valencia - Spain's second race of the year is the feature of this video preview

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For the second time this year F1 goes street racing and this time it's through the twists and turns around the port of Valencia.

The city offers a unique backdrop for Formula 1, and notably features a specially created swing bridge allowing F1 cars to cross Valencia's canal. In total, 25 corners make up this magnificent circuit and this is one episode of Inside Track you won't want to miss.

It's also Formula One's annual summer break, so Christine takes a look at the state of the championship, some recent engine rumours and a look at why McLaren might have an advantage over their rivals when it comes to tyres and logistics as the racing returns to Spain once more.

Special thanks to Allianz SE, Toyota Motorsports GmbH, Renault SA, Daimler, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and RTV GmbH for the use of their video footage.