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ING / F1 Racing survey results - How the fans voted on F1's most pertinent questions

Published by Christine

F1 Racing / ING Survey

A couple of days ago, Scott W gave us a quick summary of the ING/F1 Racing Global Fan Survey results. The stats were printed in this months issue of the magazine, and as things have been a bit hectic at Sidepodcast Towers recently, I hadn't had a chance to do any more than look at the pictures.

However, some of the things Scott pointed out are worthy of attention. It's hardly a surprise that Hamilton picks up the highest percentage in the favourite driver category, closely followed by Räikkönen and Alonso. I am surprised at the margin, though, as many polls I've seen recently have put Fernando at the top of most popular driver, and he has only 12% to Lewis' 27%.

Scott also pointed out that poor Trulli is the least favourite driver with only 0.1%, but I don't want to dwell on it too much, as the Trulliometer is a very fragile thing.

The top five are made up of drivers who won a race this year, hit the headlines a lot, and were in the public eye more than they've ever been before. The sixth most popular driver is Jenson Button, and if I were him, I would be really happy with that. He's had a rubbish year, been screwed over by his team, and suffered a lack of attention as a British driver. As 6th highest, he beats 17 other drivers, including the ever-popular Vettel, and I think that can only be good for Button's career.

The Future of F1 category has almost 50% of participants wanting more races on the calendar, whilst 90% want F1 to continue at classic venues (read: Canada). Sadly, both of these aren't happening with circuits falling off the calendar at a frightening pace. Reverse grids are an unpopular idea with only 17%, and banning refuelling is also pretty low down - 18%. On that last point, the majority of respondents then, will not be impressed with the 2010 season.

The BBC should take note of the "What you want to see more of on TV" category, as it has some serious hints for their coverage. Interviews with drivers and engineers are immensely popular, whilst random celebrities don't get the thumbs up. Please no cringeworthy gridwalks, BBC. Most of the options around the 50% mark are about getting more information, such as increased team radio, access to telemetry and more on board cameras.

Overtaking is the most important thing in F1 for most participants, with the best drivers and good commentary falling behind. Sponsorship, road-relevance and glamour are not really top priorities.

Finally, there seems to be mass confusion over next year's rule changes. Only 41% think slicks will make the racing more interesting, 64% won't judge KERS until they've seen the evidence out on track, although 16% believe it will increase excitement.

F1 Racing / ING Survey

Unfortunately, that's all the statistics we have at the moment. Just five sets of results were printed in the magazine, and I can't seem to find anymore anywhere else. I know I answered more than five questions, but perhaps the other results will be forthcoming soon.

There has been some criticism of the survey on the web already, with some worries that it's a very narrow selection of people - F1 Racing readers mostly. However, I would say that I saw that survey advertised everywhere I went for at least a week, you could hardly miss it. You have to take all survey results with a pinch of salt, as you do with any analyses that come out from it.

Nevertheless, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the results of the survey, whether it was worth taking, and if you think anything will come of it.