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India 2012 - Rate the race // Most anticipated a boring race, but did the action at the Buddh track deliver?

Published by Christine

There was only ever going to be one winner in India, as Sebastian Vettel dominated every single session that he set a wheel on. The race was no different, but where we were expecting a completely dull afternoon, things were a little brighter (and perhaps a little hazier) than we imagined! How do you rate the 90 minutes of action at Buddh?

Rate the Indian GP

Rate the Indian GP

32 votes

The preconception of the racing at the Buddh circuit was that it was going to be a Vettel whitewash and dull as dishwater. Vettel did take the victory, but how did the race fare? There were overtaking possibilities aplenty, and a few good battles through the field. Three retirements, zero safety cars, and one steering wheel change in the pit stops added up to sixty laps of intermittent action.

Meanwhile, there weren't an awful lot of stewarding decisions to be made, but we want your opinion on that. Also, how do you rate an even more important decision from Pirelli - the tyre compounds dished out?

How did you rate the stewarding?

29 votes

There were just a few yellow flags throughout the race, with no need for a Safety Car. The incidents were few and far between, although both Toro Rosso drivers got caught up with others, and punctures were the results. Michael Schumacher was picked up for ignoring blue flags but escaped without sanction - presumably because his race ended in the garage anyway.

Rate Pirelli's tyre selection in India

31 votes

Pirelli brought the hard and soft compounds for this race weekend, hoping to bring something a bit special to the table. The teams weren't worried about the poor grip levels, though, and most drivers managed to get through the GP with a one stop strategy. Could Pirelli have made things more exciting with a different set of compounds?

There are just three races left on the 2012 calendar, and that means the championship is heading ever closer to the wire but do you think it's going to be a classic?

Rate McLaren's pitstops in India

30 votes

McLaren managed to gain a name for themselves earlier in the season for messing up every pitstop that Hamilton came in for. Now, they are swapping over steering wheels in less than four seconds, in a move that was super-impressive (even more so as Lewis said they had only practiced this pre-season).

How do you rate the championship prospects?

28 votes

Fernando Alonso knew his long-standing championship lead was going to be overhauled at some point, and the best he could hope for was to stay in contention with the Red Bulls and wait for a win. Vettel leads the hunt for the title after the Indian GP, but there are still technically five drivers with a chance to win - are we in for an exciting finish or a Red Bull walkover?

You don't need to own up to your choices if you'd rather remain anonymous, but do feel free to share your ratings in the comments if you are so inclined.

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