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India 2011 - Post race interviews - Thoughts from Hamilton, Horner, Massa and more

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Key quotes from F1 personnel immediately following the Indian Grand Prix at the BIC.

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren

"There's not really much to say is there. A disappointing day, very, very sorry for my team. They worked hard weekend as they always do and they deserved a better result. Obviously, congratulations to Jenson and Sebastian but I don't know what else.

"We had the one minute silence before the start of the race and me and Felipe were standing next to each other and he hasn't spoken to me since a long, long time. I made the effort, put my arm around him, and just said good luck for the race. But in the race, I tried to overtake, I tried to come out of it because it didn't look like he was going to give me any space and we collided. But again, just really, really sorry for my team.

"I had some vibrations in all the right handers, it felt as if the floor was scraping on the floor. I had very poor performance, I was pushing as hard as I could, just didn't have the pace of anyone really. But the car was fine so maybe it was just me.

"I'll fly back and try to get my head back in the game. The Indians did a fantastic job this week, the track was great and we've been treated really, really well this week. We've been treated like Kings and I'm grateful for that."

Felipe Massa, Ferrari

"I tried to speak to him and he passed through. He didn't look to my face, so, no [I haven't spoken to him] not here. And here, after the one minute silence, he was on my side, and then he just said "have a good race". So this is trying to what? Have a good race, I don't know, it's not part of talking or whatever."

Michael Schumacher, Mercedes GP

"It just worked out perfectly to plan. My plan was not to use any KERS during the first two corners and save it all for the long straight. It worked out perfectly well. In the important moment, I was there to catch the important positions. Just planned my race carefully, there was no need to run so close to Nico and destroy my tyres. So just drove my pace that I knew my tyres could handle for the whole distance and that worked out nicely. Have to say, the guys I'm working with, we have a lot of experience together, and it was nice to sort out the car for the race and have really nice balance.

"Normally the guy who pits first has the advantage because they can take the fresher tyres earlier. Here it was slightly different, in as far as I had my tyres in such good shape, even by the end, that I was able to manage to pull a gap and that is not normally the case. So, I don't think it was a strategy advantage, it was just managing and setting up the car to the right stop.

"I have a big compliment to make, if you imagine that these guys do that job for the first time, I'm pretty sure things have been difficult, but it worked out perfectly fine. The circuit is a great challenge but it's nature is good spectacle for overtaking, good challenge for us, very much in order, and just a big compliment to make."

Paul di Resta, Force India

"I think we maybe underestimated tyre wear. We went for a fairly aggressive start on the hards, it was always the plan to come in, in the hopes of a safety car, given it was a new track and how slippy it was off line. It probably was a big risk, but one worth taking because if it had worked out, you would have basically gained a pitstop and done the race on three sets of softs, which was the quickest way. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. The other guys around us were able to do two stops, their tyre wear was better, and that was it really. But where we were on track, we were reasonably quite quick but too much time in the pits.

"I think the Grand Prix has been successful, it's not been so successful for me. The nice thing is that Adrian's got ninth place, and the two points you get for that is obviously valuable for us in the constructor's championship and that was always the aim with the way we split the strategies, in terms of my car and his car in the race."

Narain Karthikeyan, HRT

"I was happy to finish the race. I was running pretty comfortably, beat my teammate, and a green Lotus, I think. I lost out at the start, but nevertheless, it was what I had, and I had to finish.

"I made my debut in 2005, and then Force India came in, now this Grand Prix, so, a lot of corporate support. There was a lot of crowd out there today, and motorsport is on a high right now in India.

"I think all our neighbours, China, Malaysia and so on, we're competing with them for our economy, so having a high profile event like this gives us a boost which is very important these days. We're a country of a billion, we're passionate people, it's fantastic for Formula One to come here and for India to support this event."

Christian Horner, Red Bull

"That race was quite an intense one on the pitwall, it looked comfortable but obviously with the DRS and that hard tyre, not knowing how slow or fast it was going to be at the end. It was all about managing the gaps and getting the pit stops at the right time, and Sebastian's been so good at that all year. He was just inch perfect today."

Martin Whitmarsh, McLaren

"I couldn't tell you what my emotions are live on TV, but disappointed obviously. I think the stewards made a decision, it's a shame these two do seem to be magnetic, but he turned in and he knew he was there. Lewis didn't have a chance. I'm sure others will try and interpret it differently but it's quite clear."

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