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In print // One of our testing photographs appears in RCE magazine

Published by Mr. C

A while ago you may remember we posted about McLaren testing at Kemble. The thread kicked off a bunch of debate about whether or not the team were suffering some serious pre-season aero problems, and with hindsight it looks like they very well might have been.

Earlier today we picked up a copy of this months Racecar Engineering magazine, which features a technical rundown of challenges that all the teams face this year, and on page 7 we spotted a familiar looking photograph:

McLaren at Kemble in RCE magazine

I think it's the first time one of our pictures has ever appeared in print, and as you can imagine we're somewhat excited about it. Huge thanks go to Craig and Sam for getting the shot into the magazine, and we might have to go and buy several copies for sidpodposterity. If you happen to be in your local newsagents, we recommend you grab a copy for yourself too.

As each month passes Christine is finding it more and more difficult to find fault with RCE, it is a little geeky and I probably only understand 50% of what's written, but I think the photographic inclusion this month may have swung in my favour for ever more.