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In case of emergency, mashup content - Recording F1Minute the hard way

Published by Christine

Podcasting is an excellent and rewarding hobby, but it becomes something of a problem when there is some audio interference. Every year, I complain about fireworks, but there's also a significant issue to be had when, as hosts, you get a cold. Nasal tones, mispronunciations, sniffling and coughing don't really make for good podcasts - which means you just have to hold off on the updates, no matter how much news is emerging.

Recently, I had to halt my F1Minute output mid-race weekend due to the aforementioned germ situation. Normally, I would do a 60 second news update rounding up all the action from a race, but for Singapore, this was severely delayed.

Regular contributor Will came up with a solution - albeit one that isn't quite pitch perfect and would be an awful lot of work.

Question: How do you ‘record’ a podcast, when your voice isn’t up to it?

Answer: You don’t – just sample your old work

- Will

There are clear edits to be heard, and there's an air of railway announcer about it, but it's an impressive representation of an F1Minute that could be used in emergency situations. For reference, the original (and delayed) version was posted last week.

I suspect a solution like this can only work because we're heading rapidly towards 1200 minutes of audio, with plenty of words to choose from. I love the amount of work that Will put into this, although I can't imagine how long it took to compile.

The beauty of F1Minute is that it's short and sweet - both in the listening, and in the making. I wrote about the process a while back when we celebrated the 900th episode. I don't think I could have got over 1000 if it required trawling through for individual words each time!

Nevertheless, a bit of fun and some excellent work from Will. Now, if you could just see about creating a Feet Up Friday too...