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Image before comfort - McLaren launch their 2008 Formula One car

Published by Christine

McLaren launched their new car today. Whilst it's fair to say I understand more about these things than I ever have before, I still have to admit that I leave the geeky stuff to, well, the geek, and spend my time looking at the pretty pictures.

Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen at the McLaren Launch

I may have mentioned this in our video, but Heikki does not look right. It's like someone has shoe-horned him into those clothes, and he's just grinning and bearing it.

Lewis doesn't exactly look comfortable, but we're used to him wearing the cardboard whites in every press conference. I feel like Heikki wasn't expecting quite such a starch outfit.

You know what it reminds me of? Those paper dolls you give to kids: a cardboard cutout, and then the clothes have paper tabs on to fold around the body.

Heikki Kovalainen cut-out doll

Anyway, this is what you get when I am in charge of posting about a launch. To keep everything fair and balanced, and because we posted a Ferrari launch video, here is a McLaren one as well.