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I'm gonna pee in your seat - Christine's Rankings, Week 11 - Button and Alonso steal all the attention in Monaco

Published by Christine

Button and Alonso steal all the attention in Monaco
Credit: McLaren Honda

Motorsport's massive May weekend finally happened, with Alonso's move to IndyCar, Button's return to Monaco, and all the other things that went on to other people. Just kidding, there was the charity football game, an appearance of Star Wars characters in the paddock, plus lots and lots of good radio messages and video previews/reviews to enjoy.

Button is now eligible for points until the end of the year, so just because he's not driving the F1 car anymore, doesn't mean he can't still win it. Heck, after one weekend, he's already midway through the table! Do let me know if you spot him, or anyone else, doing pointsworthy things in the future!

Movements for Week 11

  • +2 Nico Hülkenberg: Scrubs up well, does Hülkenberg and he appears to be doing good Cannes face too.
  • +2 Fernando Alonso: Bless Alonso's little face when he hears what time he has to get up on Indy 500 race day!
  • +1 Daniil Kvyat: Dany obviously very excited about the opportunity for getting dressed up with a sneak peek at his Amber Lounge suit.
  • +1 Valtteri Bottas: Carpool non-Karaoke with Bottas in Monaco.
  • +1 Daniel Ricciardo: Is it wrong that what I actually enjoy most about this cheeky press conference answer is him clarifying, "there was no pain." Just to make sure.
  • +1 Lewis Hamilton: Having an encouraging attitude towards the brave guy asking for an internship - also like the guy who has his own private jet wanting people to work for free.
  • +1 Max Verstappen: Verstappen versus the jet ski.
  • +2 Felipe Massa: Taking on a footballer in this head to head with the loser getting a go on one of those awesome ride on lawnmowers (not much of a forfeit if you ask me).
  • +3 Lewis Hamilton: Siri-Hamilton is a lot of fun!
  • +3 Jenson Button: Really good live interview on F1's Facebook page, with lots of good, honest, revealing answers about being back this weekend.
  • +1 Jenson Button: Bit of sass from JB as he talks to Ted about being back in the paddock.
  • +2 Fernando Alonso: Lovely touch from Alonso to give Button a live radio message just before he starts the race - he didn't forget about F1!
  • +2 Jenson Button: Joking with Alonso that he would 'pee in your seat' when Fernando sent him a good luck message live pre-race.
  • +1 Carlos Sainz Jr: Participating in the Monaco football thing.
  • +1 Daniel Ricciardo: Participating in the Monaco football thing.
  • +1 Daniil Kvyat: Participating in the Monaco football thing.
  • +4 Max Verstappen: Incredible effort for this Monaco track guide - talking his way around a lap whilst on a moped and in actual traffic!
  • +1 Lewis Hamilton: Noisy fella, showing off in the Monaco paddock.
  • +1 Nico Hülkenberg: Never mind Lewis and his motorbike, the Hulk has his own more sedate method of transportation.
  • +2 Jolyon Palmer: Solid effort from Palmer to try out a French review of his day.

Standings for Week 11

This week's standings
10Daniel Ricciardo228
20Fernando Alonso427
30Lewis Hamilton527
40Daniil Kvyat221
52Max Verstappen518
6-1Romain Grosjean16
7-1Carlos Sainz Jr115
80Sergio Pérez10
90Valtteri Bottas18
102Felipe Massa28
11-1Esteban Ocon7
12-1Sebastian Vettel7
130Jenson Button66
14-1Kevin Magnussen5
153Nico Hülkenberg35
16-2Kimi Räikkönen5
17-2Stoffel Vandoorne4
18-2Jolyon Palmer24
19-2Lance Stroll2
20-1Marcus Ericsson1
21-1Antonio Giovinazzi1
22-1Sergey Sirotkin0
23-1Pascal Wehrlein0
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